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Lucas Products and Services Invests In Plain Label Production Equipment

Having supplied Marking and Identification solutions to industry for 9 years, Tim and his team looked at expanding the range of products and services they offer.

Having identified the need for plain / blank labels for thermal label printers they looked around at the alternatives on offer from many machine manufacturers in Europe.  Having decided that they needed a machine that was capable of short runs with quick job changes, they looked at the Daco Solutions range of rotary die cutting equipment.  They knew some other manufacturers were using the equipment to produce some of the vinyl labels and stocks they utilise in some of the printers they sell for the sign printing and marking industry.


A visit to the premises of Daco Solutions for a demonstration of the Daco DTD250 machine running live jobs on material supplied by Lucas Products was arranged.  Tim Lucas ‘I was immediately impressed by the ease of operation and the speed of the Daco DTD250, we ran 9 or 10 jobs that day and had no problems, even with the difficult material we would need to convert on a day to day basis.

After the initial demonstration a machine was configured with closed loop tension control to accurately monitor web tension for the materials that Lucas Products and Services needed to run.

LPS are now able to produce plain / blank labels for the growing thermal label transfer market in house and now do not have to rely on brokering labels.  They are now able to supply thermal printers from some of the leading machine manufacturers, ribbons and labels of all sizes and quantities.