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Ice cream with IML

Polimérica Italian IMM maker OiMA (Sacmi Group) recently installed near Frosinone (Rome) a injection cell for stamping and labeling inside of a mold for containers used for ice cream. The plant, based on the Packaging Stratos 2220.300 KP press wich has a clamp force of 300 tons. is capable of simultaneously producing ice cream containers and lids, in sizes from 570 ml, 1,000 ml to 2,000 ml with a production cycle time, for their largest containers, of approximately 6 seconds, ensuring an hourly productivity of 600 containers complete with lids. The press works with IML (In Mold Labeling): the robot at the side entrance inserts labels both in the cavity of the container as well as the lid along with simultaneously sampling the printed pieces. The group mold has two cavities (container and lid) that consist of two separate molds, coupled with a 'hotrunner’ plate for distribution and balance. The mold can be quickly converted for the production of two containers or two lids accor

Alcoa Flexible Packaging Shrink Sleeve Wins Best of Show Award at PLGA Annual Meeting!

Recently, at the Packaging & Label Gravure Association's 10th Annual Operational Conference, Alcoa Flexible Packaging was again recognized for premium print quality by receiving "Best of Show" for its Neilson’s The Ultimate Chocolate Milk™ 1 liter bottle shrink sleeve. Not only did the Alcoa shrink sleeve win the top award in its label category, it then contended with the best entries among 30-plus different product categories for "Best of Show". Another outstanding example of the fine quality rotogravure printing from Alcoa Flexible Packaging, the reverse printed 50 micron PET shrink sleeve label utilizes 7 colors to produce a label that appears drenched in chocolate milk. The photo realistic graphics of luscious chocolate milk being poured into a translucent glass with condensation droplets captures consumers' attention, inviting them to drink and enjoy. This is the 7th award Alcoa Flexible Packaging has received in the past twelve months for its