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ConAgra Foods and Constar Receive 2008 Worldstar Award for Hunt's Ketchup 46-Ounce Diamondclear® Pet Bottle

ConAgra Foods , Inc. (NYSE: CAG), one of North America's leading packaged food companies, and Constar International (NASDAQ: CNST), were clear winners for the World Packaging Organization's 2008 WorldStar Award, the international packaging industry's most prestigious honor. The two companies were recognized for ConAgra Foods' 46-ounce Hunt's® Ketchup bottle made using Constar's DiamondClear® PET technology. This is not the first honor the Constar-produced Hunt's Ketchup bottle has received. In 2007, the Institute of Packaging Professionals' Ameristar Awards recognized it as the top sustainable package of 2007. The package also won a second AmeriStar Award in the Food Category. "At ConAgra Foods, we're focused and committed to utilizing new and better packaging materials that are environmentally friendly and designed for better recyclability," said Gail Tavill, vice president of sustainability and channel development, ConAgra Foods. "W

CCL Label - Winner best cost savings idea Heineken Pitch Event 2008

CCL from Germany is the winner of a contest organized by Heineken for their packaging material suppliers. Heineken invited 12 packaging material suppliers to participate in the first Heineken Pitch Event. The Goal of the Pitch was to use the expertise and creativity of the suppliers to generate innovative and feasible ideas for cost savings. The suppliers presented their proposal to a multidisciplinary team of Heineken managers. In spite of all the good ideas, only one can be the overall winner. The simplicity of the idea and the amount of the savings have been decisive factors in choosing CCL as the winner. The suggested small changes to the label allow for a more efficient usage of materials and machinery at CCL. This idea is also applicable for other breweries in Europe. Wiggert Deelen, director Heineken Nederland Supply: “Heineken is very actively pursuing innovations and cost savings. Our goal is to structurally generate a continuous supply of sufficient cost savings ideas. Thi

Sacmi Labelling to take part in Unified wine and grape symposium

From 27th to 30th January 2009, functionaries from Sacmi Labelling will be at stand n. 2219 of the Sacramento Convention Center in California. Ever since the American Society for Enology and Viticulture (ASEV) and the California Association of Winegrape Growers (CAWG) joined forces to create the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium 15 years ago, this appointment has been a vital one for the entire North American wine-making sector. This year the event will include a series of conferences on the all the very latest developments in the industry and will bring together major wine producers and manufacturers of wine-making machines and technologies. The North American wine market is highly attentive to new technologies and the use of eco-compatible packaging: this is why Sacmi Labelling aims, on this occasion, to promote not only labelling technologies but also an integrated compact unit for the production of bag-in-box packaging. Packs of this kind not only guarantee better product preserv

HP Indigo Press ws4500 Reinvents In-Mold Label Production at Vibrant Graphics

HP today announced that label and packaging converter Vibrant Graphics , a division of On-Course Information Services, has reengineered its business and extended the digital printing platform into in-mold label production by recently installing a new HP Indigo press ws4500. With industry-leading quality, the new press brings an increased level of functionality and flexibility to run-length quantity and personalization in the in-mold label market. Following the new press installation, the Milwaukee, Wis.-based company changed its name from Express Labels to Vibrant Graphics to better communicate its broader service offering to customers. While Vibrant Graphics previously focused on thermal inkjet label production, the addition of the HP Indigo liquid electrophotographic process allows Vibrant Graphics to provide high-quality color and pursue a wider range of profit opportunities. The company now produces in-mold labels for use on a variety of products, including cups and medical contai

In mold labels

Avery Dennison offers a new in-mold labeling product for injection molders, called Accu-Place IML, utilizing proprietary adhesive technology to ensure accurate placement in the mold cavity. * Proprietary Accu-tack surface treatment allows accurate adhesion to the mold surface prior to plastic injection and eliminates need for static. * Performs well on both smooth, textured, flat or curved mold surfaces. * There is no need to alter existing molds * Works with a variety of resins * In-mold label without mold modification * Preprinted label is placed inside mold as part is being produced * Designed for brand-identity decoration o Permanent, durable graphic o Multi-color, no-label look * Meets OEM specifications * Applications: o Seat trim o A/B/C Pillars o Engine Covers o Site Shields LINK: Avery Dennison

Hot Stamping Revolution

GIDUE is the first press manufacturer to apply the concept of offset plates to Hot Foil to manage lighter, more compact, handier and far less expensive hot stamping plates The tough R&D program of GIDUE knows no peace: after the launch of the Xpannd in the width of 450mm (17,7”) and R.E.A.L., the heavy-duty, high speed hot stamping unit, GIDUE now introduces the Magnesium Plates as worthy substitutes of standard and weighty engraved cylinders. Magnesium plates are bended and secured just like standard offset plates (with a certified minimum gap of 5mm – 1,3”!) and ensure cost reduction and increased production especially for the most complex works. The price of a single magnesium plate is indeed less than 1/10 of standard hot stamping engraved cylinders – 180 € versus 2000 € on average jobs - whose price may, in addition, vary consistently depending on the complexity of the graphic design (while the cost of a Magnesium Plate is standard for any graphic, from simple to difficult!).

Something big is coming. the new "Tercio Polar Light"

Translated from Spanish with Google Translator. Link in Spanish The brand innovates with this new labeled returnable bottle and strengthens its marketing strategy in major cities in the central area of the country .. Trying to maintain the growth recorded in the Venezuelan beer market and consolidate the leadership position it holds in several regions of the country, Polar Lightis pleased , introduce the new Super Third Polar Light to its discerning consumers. In this way, something big comes to major cities in the central area of the country. "This is the first returnable bottle labeled with a content of 355 ml. that is available now in the Venezuelan market," said Constantino Spas, Portfolio Manager of Beers. The spokesman pointed out that this new filing "will allow consumers to get more than the extra refreshment of Polar Light. In this way, they may have more beer and less heat, consume every bottle of 355 ml. Our light beer." Additionally, the brand seeks to

MAI Holdings acquires Rotoflex

Rotoflex International, supplier of web inspection and finishing equipment, has been acquired by MAI Holdings, the parent company of narrow web press manufacturer Mark Andy. The asset-only acquisition was finalized on December 11, 2008. Rotoflex’s products will continue to be marketed under the same brand name. Regarding the future of Rotoflex, Paul Brauss, CEO of MAI Holdings said this addition is, ‘simply an incredible fit that will result in a stronger, stable business that will carry on the proud tradition of Rotoflex’s 35 years of leadership. We are combining the number-one, internationally recognized finishing equipment brand with world class operational excellence – an unbeatable combination. We deeply value the commitment of Rotoflex to understanding customer needs, innovative product designs, and industry leadership. We are pleased to have found a partner with such strong values.’ Val Rimas of Rotoflex said: ‘This new ownership complements and enhances Rotoflex’s value propos

IML Robot Provides Economical Solution.

Wittmann has introduced a completely new solution for In-Mold Labelling (IML) which offers the highest efficiency with the lowest capital cost. The new W717 robot IML system is designed for molding machines from 90 to 275 tons and cycle times of 5 seconds or more. The system provides automatic insertion of labels into one and two cavity molds and free drop of the finished parts. The label magazine, mounted on the kick-stroke frame, is designed for maximum label dimensions of 8” x 8” and provides a buffer of up to 1 hour of production. It provides positive pick-up of the labels by the robot EOAT and convenient horizontal loading of new labels by the operator. The EOAT houses the electrostatic charger. Changeover between different label designs can be easily accomplished by simply changing the label magazine and tooling, resulting in fast amortization of the system over a variety of products. As a full package provider WITTMANN can supply the W717 IML system with the appropriate molds,

4th Generation In-Mold Labeling Machines Headed for Rumania and Germany

Schober exhibited their RSM520 rotary die cutting machine for the production of In Mold Labels at full production speeds of 120,000 labels/hour during DRUPA. This third generation product includes a high-precision star wheel delivery system which ensures the safe and continuous stacking of finished product. Adjustable die setting options for the die module prolong die life and help to cope with material challenges and die wear, making the RSM520 ideal for in mold labels and other discrete labels. Standard web widths available of 260, 410, 520 for lager format IML 680 mm (10, 16, 20 and 26 inches respectively) can be accommodated, with a maximum roll diameter of 40" can be processed. Pneumatic roll lifting capacity is 440 to 1135 pounds. Die cutting module with high-precision bearing assembly and an innovative “on-the-fly” die to anvil adjustment is included – typical die circumference is 17"– 25". A vacuum generator is included for the vacuum conveyor which coll

New environmental Recycled PET labels from Royston Labels

Further demonstrating their commitment to the environment as well as the growing demand for recycled materials, specialist, self-adhesive label manufacturer, Royston Labels are delighted to now offer clear, recycled PET labels that have been manufactured using a minimum of 80% post-consumer waste (empty packaging that has been discarded by the consumer after use). Developed in conjunction with M&H Plastics this new material helps to significantly reduce the reliance on non-renewable resources and provides significant benefits for both manufacturers and retailers, who can now offer a recycled product to the market. As well as reducing the amount of ‘virgin’ material used and therefore helping meet packaging waste targets there is enhanced consumer perception of companies and their products. The labels have the same high performance levels as non recycled labels and can be used in a wide range of applications including food, beverage and personal care, particularly pertinent where t

Trisoft Graphics, Inc., Selects KODAK FLEXCEL NX Digital Flexographic System for Outstanding Print Quality

Trisoft Graphics, Inc., a digital prepress and graphic design company serving the packaging industry since 1993, recently installed a KODAK FLEXCEL NX Digital Flexographic System to more effectively meet the quality demands of its diverse customer base. Trisoft Graphics is headquartered in Costa Mesa, Calif., with a branch office in Makati City, Philippines, and does much of its business for label printers and the packaging industry. Trisoft Graphics currently has a KODAK THERMOFLEX Narrow Platesetter and plans to use both systems simultaneously. The company’s new FLEXCEL NX System includes a KODAK TRENDSETTER NX Mid Imager and KODAK FLEXCEL NX Digital Flexographic Plates. “We’ve been testing the plates produced by the FLEXCEL NX,” noted Tristan Zafra, Owner of Trisoft Graphics. “During these blind tests, we processed very complex and demanding jobs, and the FLEXCEL NX Digital Flexographic Plates repeatedly produced excellent results from a variety of presses, and from multiple custom

R.E.A.L.: advanced Hot Stamping unit by GIDUE

After the completion of the project of the innovative Hot Stamping unit R.E.A.L., GIDUE is now ready to market it for the benefit of the label converters worldwide. The strength of the product is summed up in its name: the R.E.A.L. Hot Stamping unit offers indeed Robustness, Ease of use, Automated controls and ‘Lean’ guiding principles. The Hot Stamping unit is built to last, with extremely robust construction (thickness of steel frames: 25mm – 6,3”) and solid parts that can resist high pressures up to 100N/mm. This sturdiness allows to reach the average speed of 80 meters per minute (262 ft/min) and to print with much higher pressure in order to obtain top print quality on the most difficult substrates, such as natural or textured papers, wine label papers, etc. The front opening and the temperature quick drop down ensure a fast and simple sleeve changeover and reduce set-up times dramatically. This marks an advantage for the printers who use different formats or change job often dur

Veriplast Solutions congratulates Unilever

Veriplast Solutions is delighted to congratulate its partner Unilever on the winning of a 2008 Deutscher Verpackungs Preis (German Packaging Award ) and a WorldStar Packaging Award: “We are particularly satisfied that one of our key customers has won such a prestigious award with one of our recently introduced innovation concept; that testifies to the development capacity of our Group”, declared Thierry Tomasov, Veriplast Solutions’ CEO. The winning Unilever 500 g Rama margarine tub uses Veriplast’s super-light injection moulding technology (SLIM). The SLIM concept has been developed at Veriplast Solutions’ Ravensburg facility in Germany. It combines the unique Mucell ® simultaneous nitrogen and plastic injection technique, a Veriplast Solutions exclusive in Europe, and the Extra Slim Label, an innovative down-gauged in-mould label (IML). Extra Slim Label is produced at Veriplast Decorative Solutions in Angoul├¬me, France. On one hand, the SLIM ® technology involves pressurised gas e

National Labels of Pennsylvania, USA, takes over its first MO-4 in Nilpeter A/S, Denmark

Growing business for National Labels in the high-end sector of value-added health & beauty labels made Nilpeter's introduction as the first sleeve-based narrow web combination offset press the dream come through. This led to the investment in the first MO-4 - and plans for more to come. The new MO-4 was taken over after several days of production simulation on live commercial blue chip cosmetic labels – with an exceptional result. It will be the first MO-4 Nilpeter delivers to the American market. Jim Shacklett, III, Chief Executive Officer, National Label Company, says, “The Nilpeter offset presses are vital to achieving our goals of increased quality, performance, and flexibility in today's competitive world. The new MO-4 allows us to improve our quality and reduce our waste of time, material, and set-up resources. The performance of the Nilpeter MO-3300 Servo is a benchmark in our industry; however, after intensive testing on our new MO-4, we are pleased to see further