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Kodak Helps Mailfactory Deliver Variable-Colour Images and Plot Growth with KODAK PROSPER S5 Imprinting Systems

Variable data specialist Mailfactory has chosen four KODAK PROSPER S5 Imprinting Systems to help it meet today’s market demands for variable-colour images at high speed. The investment, complementing six existing KODAK VERSAMARK Printheads, allows the company to increase competitiveness with a broader offering and more cost effective production costs.   Based in Madrid, Spain, Mailfactory was established in the late 1990s by a group of direct marketing professionals to add a distinctive touch to the personalisation and variable-data options available on the market. That distinctive touch is a suite of special finishes, which in turn have become the company’s hallmark.   Exporting Success Today, Mailfactory exports a quarter of its production to other European Community countries and after investing in the KODAK PROSPER S5 Imprinting Systems, the company plans to increase this figure to 40%.   The latest additions follow the successful installation of the VERSAMARK Printh

Checkpoint Systems Introduces Infinite Solutions Product Series to Help Reduce Retail Shrink

Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CKP), a leading global supplier of shrink management, merchandise visibility and apparel labeling solutions for the retail industry, today introduced its Infinite Solutions (iS) product series.  This product line was closely developed with several large global retailers with the objective of fulfilling a need to provide the visual deterrence of a hard tag.  The iS product series adds an additional layer of protection to merchandise that otherwise might have been left unprotected against shoplifting.   The initial introduction consists of the iS Pro Tag , which is the first electronic article surveillance ( EAS )solution offering the loss prevention p erformance benefits of a disposable label with the look and feel of a hard tag; and the iS Surround Tag , which offers retailers a one-time, disposable wrap solution with a fixed EAS attachment peg.   The iS Pro offers flexible attachment options and can be easily secured anywhere on the merchandise

Award-winning Linx CJ400 adds remote control

Coding and marking specialist Linx Printing Technologies has added remote control functionality as standard to the award-winning Linx CJ400 continuous ink jet printer, making it even more simple and cost-effective to use.   The new software enables users to control and monitor one, or several, printers from a single computer, and this means that users can look forward to further reductions in costly errors and downtime.   It can even accept instructions from other machines in the line – for example, a bagging machine can tell the Linx CJ400 to stop coding if there is a problem in the bagging area.   The Linx CJ400’s built-in remote communications protocol allows PCs and other equipment on the production line, such as PLCs, to "talk" to the printer when connected over a network via RS232 or Ethernet.   Custom applications can also be created to meet specific needs, and generic printer control packages such as CLARiSOFT® and CLARiNET® can be used. Messages creat

Print-Leeds invests more than 3.5 million Euro in a new press and CtP system from Heidelberg

Following its acquisition of S&C Labels in Huddersfield earlier this year, Print-Leeds is investing more than 3.5 million Euros in a new press and CtP system from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg). This move comes ahead of the centralisation of its operations in Leeds, Yorkshire, where a building programme is increasing capacity from 10,000 sq ft to 19,000 sq ft. The press arrives at the end of November and the business transfer will take place over the Christmas break.     A Speedmaster CX 102-7+L with Prinect Inpress Control will be 80% used for labels work but will also handle some of the Print-Leeds plastics printing, primarily POS and promotional work. It will be fed by the new Suprasetter 106 CtP device that the company is adding.   The average run for the labels business is 20,000 sheets, much of the work for the beer, water and food industries. The plastics orders tend to be much shorter, averaging about 1,000 and frequently including lenticular work. P

Italian prime label printer gains competitive advantage with Nilpeter offset

Nuceria Adesivi Srl., one of Italy’s leading label printers, adds a Nilpeter MO-4 offset combination press to their existing fleet of Nilpeter offset presses. This Milan-based producer of labels and packaging supplies to the top brands within health & beauty, pharmaceuticals, household product, and wine labels.   “For Nuceria, the new MO-4 is the ideal solution. We can make all our special applications and finishing on this press. It allows us to integrate different printing technologies into a single stream”, explains Guido Iannone, Managing Director of Nuceria Adesivi in Milan, “We are now combining multiple value-adding units, and this gives us a competitive advantage in terms of differentiation. We believe in investing in progressive and constant innovative solutions, so Nilpeter is a natural choice of partner”.   To promote their state-of-the-art solutions and new opportunities for value-adding features, Nuceria Adesivi opens the doors to their plant in Milan for cu


An edition that bore witness, in addition to the strong presence of French visitors, to a remarkable turnout in terms of international customers, particularly coming from North Africa. Numerous multi-national enterprises also took the opportunity to visit one of Europe's main trade fairs in the Packaging industry. The main sectors involved in this event were: wine, beverages, cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals.   P.E. LABELLERS and OMME FRANCE attended the event thrilling everyone with this year's novelties of the P.E. Group. This year's landmarks included the opening of the new P.E. MAGHREB headquarters in Algeria, inaugurated in April and now presented to the French market, the presentation of the “Packlab” EASY model, the new self-adhesive linear labelling machine, and the showcasing of the two versions of the “Modular” model of the P.E. LABELLERS rotary labelling machine: one, the top version for high speed operations with interchangeable labelling conveyors and st

Customers awarded with RafCycle® certificates in Italy

UPM Raflatac participated in Ecomondo, the  International Trade Fair of Material & Energy Recovery and Sustainable Development in Rimini, Italy between 7-10 Nov 2012. In addition to informing about  the RafCycle® waste management concept, the exhibition was the perfect opportunity for UPM Raflatac to thank those Italian label printers that had joined RafCycle ® this year. They were awarded with official RafCycle Partner Certificates. The companies receiving the certification were Eurolabel, Labelit, Pozzoni Etichette, Rifa, Staf, and Sutermeister. A certificate will also be given later to the San Carlo food manufacturer for the reuse of the silicone Proliner PP30 backing. The partner companies can now use the Rafcycle logo in the marketing and communication to their customers to inform about the enhanced recycling opportunities. In Italy, RafCycle is made possible by L.C.I., a leading supplier of recycled paper and board, partly owned by UPM. Supported by L.C.I., UPM Raflatac o

Acucote Inc. introduces conformable films for package design

FLEXPrime films are designed to satisfy the expanding range of package design and decoration innovations. Perfect for curved applications and irregular shapes, FLEXPrime is designed to enhance label processing throughout the chain of use without compromising on-container appearance. Intended to improve package design, FLEXPrime products include 2 mil Clear High Gloss TC Flex, 3.2 mil Matte White Endure and 3.2 mil Matte Clear Endure polyolefins and polypropylene 2.2 mil White Gloss TC Flex. This product line has superior print receptive top coatings, excellent hot/cold moisture resistance, hot and cold foil stamp compatibility and enhanced die cutability. The 2 mil Clear High Gloss TC Flex provides a “no label” look; while both the 2 mil Clear High Gloss and the 2.2 mil White Gloss TC Flex have low elongation and provide excellent print registration control. FLEXPrime’s 3.2 mil Matte White Endure and 3.2 mil Matte Clear Endure are strong candidates where chemical resistance and dur

Nilpeter wins prestigious award

On November 15, Nilpeter was elected ”Privately-Owned Danish Entreprise of the Year 2012’ by PwC in collaboration with the organisation Executive Owners, the Danish newspaper, Jyllandsposten, and the financial group Nykredit. 3000 privately-owned companies were competing for the title this year. The jury had the following reasons for choosing Nilpeter: -Nilpeter creates room for innovation and continuous renewal -Nilpeter creates the framework for flourishing creativity in the workplace -The creativity relies on analyses, guaranteeing cohesiveness with business activities -Nilpeter has the courage to find new paths -Nilpeter has elevated to a global level with great potential for growth Peter Eriksen, COO, accepted the award, “We are very proud, and I accept the award on behalf of all Nilpeter employees. Innovation has become a bit of an overused, clichéd term, but nevertheless, innovation is an integral part of Nilpeter’s DNA. We develop our presses with 100% focus on

New wine faces enhance elegance, print contrast and luxurious appeal

UPM Raflatac has introduced three finely embossed paper label faces for premium-look wine and beverage labelling. ‘Velmart Ivoire WSA’ offers a depth of texture and tone for an elegantly traditional and natural look. Two silver-coated papers maximize colour contrast and contribute to a luxurious look and feel that’s thoroughly à la mode: the pearlescent, stipple-patterned ‘Silver Orion WSA’ and the rib-effect ‘Groovy Silver WSA’.   Paired with the RP 30 permanent adhesive, these faces extend their applicability to champagnes and sparkling wines, whites, reds, rosés and spirits. RP 30 provides high initial tack for excellent adhesion even on moist and cold surfaces, has good resistance to edge-lifting, and retains its properties in ice bucket conditions.   All three label faces support quality print results with a range of conventional techniques and hot-foiling. They are available with glassine liners as standard, and with a PET30 liner for high speed and challenging dispensing


The largest Indian paint manufacturing site being the third one from the dimensional point of view in the whole Asian territory (last year, this manufacturer has added fifteen new production lines), has expressed its satisfaction with the systems P.E. LABELLERS supplied them with in 2009; in 2011, the company bought eleven new machines being the same as the previously supplied ones. The orientation systems being mounted on P.E. LABELLERS's labelling machines are among the most effective systems in the market; if combined with plates handling systems by means of integrated servo drives, such systems are able to ensure an excellent application quality, even in case of special containers. The aforementioned orientation systems can also be utilized without combining them with labelling stations. As example we can mention the eleven orientation systems Asian Paints - India - has been supplied with. They are equipped with a system consisting of five centring cameras + one print contr

The French label printer, APE Etiquettes, acquires their fourth Nilpeter Press

  For this new facility, APE Etiquettes has acquired another Nilpeter flexo press capable of printing 3-layer labels with prints on 5 pages in one pass. The 11-colour printing press features two independent unwind units, web turn bar, de- and relamination equipment in various configurations, three die-cutting units, and a non-stop waste removal, to name a few of the innovative value-adding features. With this press, the printer benefits from an ergonomic design, quick setup and automatic pressure setting of both anilox and printing sleeves. This press is configured with the aim of being capable of making intricate coupons in a number of ways with different features and embellishments. The FA-4 , with a maximum production speed of 175 m/min., prints triple-layer labels at a speed of 100-110 m/min. It is also capable of printing front and back on substrates such as film and light cardboard. This FA-4 is not the first in APE Etiquettes’ production facilities. The first, a 9-

Erhardt+Leimer is seeking to grow further

„E+L 200“ is the title of the latest ambitious project tackled by the automation specialist Erhardt+Leimer with its headquarters in Stadtbergen, Germany. It is the company’s target to increase its worldwide sales from currently about 120 Mio. Euro to 200 Mio. Euro until the year 2022. The project was introduced during the company’s Annual Conference which took place recently. For the 20th time Hannelore Leimer and Dr. Michael Proeller of the Corporate Management had invited employees and representatives of the worldwide group to attend the meeting. During the first part of the conference focus was laid on the general business performance. Due to the fact that 70 percent of the company’s total sales are achieved outside Germany and 60 percent thereof outside Europe business development in their worldwide subsidiaries is of greatest importance for E+L. Therefore, the audience followed the lectures given by the representatives from Italy, China, India, Brazil, the USA, Canada, and Me

Castle Paints Chooses Supertainer For New Paint Range

  Supertainer from RPC Containers Oakham has been chosen by one of Ireland's leading paint manufacturers for its latest range of premium quality acrylic paints. Supertainer is the latest innovation in plastic paint can design that delivers a lower carbon footprint and enhanced decoration possibilities, while maintaining the same dimensions for logistics and on-shelf storage. Castle Paints is using Supertainer for its 2.5 and 5 litre variants, as well as RPC Oakham's standard 1 litre paint can and 5 litre S range can. Visibly no different to what has gone before, the key change in Supertainer has been to take material out of the container body to match the latest advances in polymer strength and meet sustainability targets. Supertainer was piloted for 18 months to ensure confidence in its performance, and RPC Oakham has supported the move with considerable investment on production lines. This includes new equipment developed specifically to handle high-qua

Packlab presents “EASY”: the new self-adhesive linear labelling machine for low speeds

Packlab presents “EASY”: the new self-adhesive linear labelling machine for low speeds. “Easy” can label all different types of cylindrical, oval, rectangular and pyramid-shaped containers. This labeller can accommodate up to two labelling stations to apply either partial front and back labels or wraparound body labels on cylindrical containers.   Complying with Packlab’s highest standards of quality, “Easy” has been expressly made for those manufacturers that need mid-low production speeds for handling different shapes of containers with different dressings. Packlab’s goal (Packlab is part of P.E.Labellers group and is specialized in designing self-adhesive labelling systems) is to provide the final user with the greatest versatility, through its flexible equipments. Easy is equipped with self-adhesive labelling stations MODULO 20, flexible, simple, suitable for all, furthermore it is possible to store up to 200 different format labels, associating to each the name you

UPM Raflatac launches certified paper faces for food, retail and wine labelling

As a result of UPM Raflatac’s commitment to source paper products from sustainably managed forests, ‘Raflacoat Plus’ label paper for prime product labelling has now been replaced by ‘PEFC Raflacoat Plus’ in all applications. PEFC Raflacoat Plus retains the same exceptional mid-gloss standards, with high opacity and contrast supporting fine print detail for branding and product decoration. It is also available with the thin and recyclable ProLiner PP30 backing. As part of an on-going process to widen the forest certified paper labelstock offer in Europe, UPM Raflatac has also introduced ‘PEFC Raflacoat Opti’ as a cost-efficient option for printing digitally with HP Indigo, and the FSC® certified phenol-free thermal papers ‘Thermal Eco BPAF FMC’ and ‘Thermal Eco TPF FMC’. The new FSC certified label faces ‘Fleur de Coton White WSA FMC’ and ‘Fleur de CotonIvoire WSA FMC’ offer a high-quality textured look for wine labelling. UPM Raflatac’s chain of custody system tracks certified mate

Edale install servo driven press into Jeddah

Edale are pleased to announce the sale of a four colour 510mm fully servo driven Gamma flexo printing press to a longstanding customer, Halwani Brothers, based in Jeddah, Middle East. Halwani Brothers are one of the best-known food manufacturers in the Middle East, achieving large growth year on year; not only with food production but also the quality of the packaging. Due to their focus on packaging, more sophisticated equipment was needed to aid with the production, so when the company moved into their new factory in 2011 the company took the decision to purchase an Edale Gamma after having an older Edale model; an E430 press which they had purchased many years ago, which was still running production 24 hours a day, seven days a week! The Gamma is Edale’s fully servo-driven printing and converting system combining finest print quality with innovative features ensuring high speed changeovers, minimum downtime and minimum wastage. The system features servo drives on each print head

RELEASE LINER: AWA Conferences & Events hosts the industry’s annual forum

The annual event and meeting point for the world’s release liner industry covering markets, trends, and technologies – the Global Release Liner Conference & Exhibition – takes place on March 20-21 2013 in Denver, Colorado, USA. Organised annually by AWA Conferences & Events, and alternating between Europe and USA, this event is the established forum for the release liner industry. Workshops – sustainability and business development This year’s program brings new opportunities for delegates to increase their knowledge and understanding. As part of the conference program, two concurrent workshops will take place on the first morning. One will address the high-visibility topic ‘Is Liner Recycling an Obstacle or an Opportunity?’, and will be led by Calvin Frost, CEO of Channeled Resources Group, which has a long history of successfully managing liner recycling and reuse. The second focuses on business development and growth opportunities, and will be led by Jackie Marolda, Vice

Lithotech Labels Awards ROTOCON Order for Two ROTOCONTROL RSD Finishing Machines

ROTOCON today announced the receipt of a purchase order from Lithotech Labels for two ROTOCONTROL RSD 340mm web width die cutting, slitting/rewinding finishing machines. Lithotech Labels is a division of Bidvest Paperplus (Pty) Ltd, a division of the Bidvest Group of companies, and provides a total range of functional and decorative labels including self-adhesive labels for addressing envelopes, jars, bottles and punnets. Their solutions include the supply of specialised equipment that is associated with the use of labels, such as bar-code printers and scanners, as well as tagging systems for the manufacturing, industrial or retail sectors.   From left to right: Jonathan Kulsekaran, Patrick Aengenvoort, and Hennie Pretorius "The pre-sale discussions and product recommendation was a team effort involving myself, and Patrick and Pascal Aengenvoort of ROTOCON," comments Michael Aengenvoort, Business Development Manager of ROTOCONTROL. "We are honoured to be awarded t

The restyling of the corporate identity of P.E. LABELLERS continues

After having totally renewed the company profile and the image of advertising campaigns, we are now ready to be on-line on the new internet portal of P.E. LABELLERS. The website is completely renewed not only in its graphics features, but also in the technological ones: behind the scenes, a long programming aimed to enrich your browsing and making the consultation functions for businesses and customers easier, even via tablets and Smartphones. The portal now features new sections, including one dedicated to the catalogue which, through a configurator, will allow choosing the machinery that best suits your needs. The catalogue is easily accessible through three search criteria: PRODUCT SECTOR (beverages, wine and spirits, food, cosmetics/personal care, chemical, pharmaceutical, pet food, packaging); APPLICATION (partial labels, wrap-around labels, seals, special applications); TECHNOLOGY (cold glue, hot glue, self-adhesive, roll-fed, mixed). But here is another section for choo

World Label Awards restructured

FINAT, the worldwide association representing the interests of the self-adhesive labelling industry, announces that the L9 has decided to substantially restructure the ‘World Label Awards’ competition. It is also launching the ‘Best-of-the-Best’ contest. The L9 is the alliance of global label associations, formulating policies and strategic information in connection with global matters affecting the worldwide label industry. The World Label Awards (WLA) began in 1991 as an informal ‘Ryder Cup’ like contest between the associations of Europe (FINAT) and North America (TLMI), both of which have well-established regional competitions. In the course of the years other regional associations joined. Geographies that are currently participating include TLMI (North America), JFLP (Japan), LMAI (India), LATMA (Australia), SALMA (New Zealand), PEIAC (China) and FINAT (Europe). With ABIEA (Brazil) and Ametiq (Mexico), Latin America is expected to follow soon. The changes agreed upon at the L9

Xeikon Partners with Canflexographics Ltd.

Xeikon, an innovator in digital colour printing technology, and Canflexographics Ltd. , a leading distributor of flexographic capital equipment and peripherals are pleased to announce that effective November 20, 2012, Canflexographics Ltd. will be a representative of the Xeikon label and document printing digital presses as well as the entire line of ThermoFlexX digital imagers for flexo and letterpress plates in Canada. “Digital printing provides the perfect answer for short and medium runs as well as quick turnaround times, while the long runs continue to rely on flexographic printing. Xeikon is the only equipment manufacturer capable of offering solutions for both flexo platemaking and digital label and package printing,” stated Michael V. Ring, President of Xeikon America, Inc. “We are very pleased to be working with Canflexographics.  Kelly Roberts and his team of well-respected professionals will provide education and support to our Canadian clients, as well as enable direct


CCL Industries Inc., a world leader in specialty packaging solutions for the consumer products and healthcare industries, announced today that it has signed a heads of agreement to acquire through the purchase of shares John Watson & Co. Ltd., a privately owned label converter located in Glasgow, Scotland with estimated sales of approximately U.K. pounds 12 million in the current year. The planned acquisition produces labels for leading distillers of Scotch whisky and other spirits and will complement the global network of CCL Label Wine & Spirits operations in Australia, Asia, Latin America, Russia, South Africa, the UK and the United States. The transaction is subject to contract, with terms based on the financial performance of John Watson & Co. for calendar year 2013. Specific details will be disclosed following completion of the planned transaction in early 2014.   In the interim period the two companies will cooperate to serve common customers and leverage co


The number one in German wine producer is fully equipped with made-in-Italy technology to dress up its products. P.E. therefore consolidates its presence in Germany. A labeller for every bottling line of the largest manufacturer of German wines. The first installation was in 1995 and since then the customer has confirmed its confidence by buying all high speed self-adhesive labelling machines with "non stop" System. Recently, other two labellers have been ordered including a true diameter colossus, the 2320, with eight labelling stations (six self-adhesive and two cold glue ones); a giant in quality and precision at high speed for the 32,000 bph line. Since 1924, Peter Mertes has offered a selection of first-class wines for Germany and the rest of the world, including Chile, Australia and California, working in accordance with the highest quality standards, constantly checked by experts within the establishments and not only. Among the Peter Mertes products, there are

Leading French label converter Stratus Packaging enlarges competitive edge by investing in Esko's digital flexo solutions

Stratus Packaging ( ), a major label converter with three sites in France, recently invested in an all-Esko digital flexo solution. The investment includes a CDI Spark 4835 with HD Flexo technology, making the company one of the most technologically advanced label converters offering its clients the best quality choice in different printing technologies. In addition, Stratus Packaging is the first label converter in France to install Esko's Digital Flexo Suite for Labels with a Kongsberg XN cutting table for automated flexo plate production and accurate plate cutting. ( ).   "It is our ambition to constantly remain at the cutting edge of label printing technologies," says Isidore Leiser, CEO of Stratus Packaging. "Our investments are always a clear demonstration of our commitment to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. We can only do so by offering the best technology and equipment available on the

Atlantic Zeiser at Emballage 2012: Focus on product protection and optimized production management

To counteract strong growth product piracy, Atlantic Zeiser will show scalable software solutions with PMP as well as specified Track+Trace coding units for pharma and cosmetics industries at Emballage . Product tracing, combating counterfeiting and grey market protection will be the core focus for Atlantic Zeiser at Emballage, from 19 to 22 November 2012 in Paris. In hall 4 at booth D131 the leading supplier of industrial solutions for product identification will demonstrate its latest anti-counterfeiting solutions for variable coding, serializing and printing of packaging products as well as booklet lables. In particular the Track+Trace module as well as the PMP (Production Management Platform) software solution will offer maximum flexibility to combat product falsification and counteract product piracy.   Applications for packaging solutions, especially those in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, will benefit from the new Atlantic Zeiser range. It provides complete p

Emerald Packaging bags industry first in fresh produce sector with Domino digital printing equipment

Leading fresh produce packaging supplier Emerald Packaging is providing consumers with more information on the origins of their food after installing new digital ink jet printing equipment from Domino USA, which marks an industry first for delivering unique human readable and QR codes in a single pass. The California-based packaging manufacturer, which supplies printed bags to companies including Growers Express, a packer for major food manufacturing brand Jolly Green Giant, invested in Domino’s Bitjet+ inline digital printing system along with its Editor GT ink jet and production line controller in order to print unique QR codes onto each of its bags. The unique codes, which are supplied by database and software management provider Truetrac, contain a wide range of information on the product including farm locations, grower profiles, food safety notices and nutritional information. These codes are managed by the Editor GT system and printed onto the bags by the Bitjet+. By sca

Next generation Atlas & Titan slitter rewinders to be presented at Arabplast 2013

Atlas is a world leader in slitter rewinder technology for processing BOPP film and has installed the widest film slitters at 10 metres in width in four different locations around the world. Atlas has the fastest film slitters running at 1,500 m/min at web widths in excess of 8 metres. The company has built the widest slitter rewinders for CPP film at widths of more than 6 metres and BOPA film slitters at more than 5 metres in width. In recent years, Atlas has also commissioned several primary slitter rewinders for BOPET film. The new Atlas CW Series technology platform for primary slitter rewinders for plastic film & flexible materials will be presented at Arabplast 2013. The CW1040 & CW3600 Series introduce the next generation of more compact film slitting solutions from Atlas in web widths from 2.5 to 10.4 metres (98 - 410 ins.) and deliver higher efficiency, increased productivity and reliability, higher quality rewind reels, reduced noise levels and more effective, ope

Good prospects for gravure in packaging and decorative printing.

“Gravure’s prospects in the markets for packaging and decorative printing are good,” ERA Secretary General James Siever summed up the recent ERA Packaging and Decorative Conference on 30-31 October. At this year’s event in Dortmund – former steel and beer metropolis in the industrial Ruhrgebiet and now one of Germany’s football centres – ERA welcomed some hundred delegates from Europe and the USA. This year, as well as the European packaging gravure printers, engravers and the supply industry, the major decorative gravure printers also attended the conference. The conference subjects focused on both packaging and decorative gravure markets, and the event concluded with a highly interesting visit to the Arnsberg plant of Interprint, one of the leading decorative gravure printers worldwide. An overview on consumer confidence in Europe against the background of the euro cri-sis was given by Hilde Vanderheyden of Nielsen’s Belgian branch. Generally the con-fidence of the European cons

C & J Forms and Label, Inc. Upgrades to EFI Monarch Business Management Software

EFI™ , a world leader in customer-focused printing and packaging industry innovation, today announced that C & J Forms and Label, Inc., a long run offset and flexo printer based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, has selected EFI Monarch MIS as its business management software solution. C & J joins the majority of top printers in North America running MIS/ERP software from EFI, the leader in productivity software for businesses in the printing industry. C & J was previously an EFI Hagen™ Print Management System customer and enjoyed success with the system and a great relationship with the EFI employees. "The people at EFI were so knowledgeable and helpful. If we ever had questions about the system, they were always there, ready to work us through them," says J.C. Calvert, president of C & J Forms and Label. However, C & J was aware that EFI's Hagen PMS product was being transitioned into a legacy system and would be succeeded by the EFI Monarch Suite, and th

Whitlam Label Goes Live with EFI Radius ERP

EFI ™ (Nasdaq: EFII), a world leader in customer-focused printing and packaging industry innovation, today announced that Whitlam Label, based in Center Line, Michigan with facilities around the world, has become the latest EFI PSI™ Flexo user to convert and go live with EFI Radius ERP software for packaging. With 75% of the top 400 printers in North America by revenue using EFI's MIS/ERP software, EFI is the best choice for businesses looking to further automate and integrate their business functions. Whitlam Label worked closely with the EFI team and enjoyed a smooth and on-schedule implementation of the world-class ERP system. "It takes a talented group of committed people to implement an ERP system efficiently," said Alex Elezaj, chief operating officer at Whitlam Label. "Our group at Whitlam Label worked diligently with the EFI Radius team and we accomplished what we set out to do in the expected timeframe." "EFI is committed to strong customer car

Nilpeter demonstrates commitment to the Indian market

  At LabelExpo India 2012, Ajanta Packaging, a Mumbai-based label printer, bought their second FB-3300S. Mr. Chandan Khanna, Managing Director of Ajanta Packaging explains: ”We offer a full range of labelling solutions through a combination of waterless offset, narrow web flexo and screen printing in a highly competitive market. We gain our competitive edge by acquiring state-of-the-art presses, and Nilpeter presses fit the bill”. Nilpeter recognises the need for local presence in India who sees a double-digit market growth. Jakob Landberg, Sales & Marketing Director at Nilpeter, says, “India has tremendous potential to be one of the fastest growing markets in the world with an unexploited potential. The average consumption of labels in India is less than 1 m2 per capita – compared to 10 m2 in Europe.'” And he adds, “For Nilpeter, it is only natural to attend LabelExpo India. Both appearance and attendance improve steadily show on show. Nilpeter is committed to suppo