Monday, November 19, 2012

The number one in German wine producer is fully equipped with made-in-Italy technology to dress up its products.

P.E. therefore consolidates its presence in Germany. A labeller for every bottling line of the largest manufacturer of German wines. The first installation was in 1995 and since then the customer has confirmed its confidence by buying all high speed self-adhesive labelling machines with "non stop" System. Recently, other two labellers have been ordered including a true diameter colossus, the 2320, with eight labelling stations (six self-adhesive and two cold glue ones); a giant in quality and precision at high speed for the 32,000 bph line.


Since 1924, Peter Mertes has offered a selection of first-class wines for Germany and the rest of the world, including Chile, Australia and California, working in accordance with the highest quality standards, constantly checked by experts within the establishments and not only. Among the Peter Mertes products, there are also the Astor wines and spirits, the BIOrebe line, wines produced with grapes from organic cultivation, the new Maybach, premium quality white wines, the Käfer Hugo aperitifs, Sprizzzer and many others.

Source: www.pelabellers.it

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