FLEXcon Announces DPM® U 150 Silver V-29 150 Poly H-9 for Conformability and Durability in Metalized Labeling

FLEXcon, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, today announced the newest in its DPM® series of pressure-sensitive films designed for Durable Product Marking - DPM® U 150 Silver V-29 150 Poly H-9.

“Our customers need solutions that adapt to multiple environments and meet durability and aesthetic requirements and preferences”

The mirror-like finish of DPM® U 150 Silver offers a brilliant metal look ideal for high-end durable labels, die-cut labels and decorative decals. Its superior conformability allows it to conform to extremely tight mandrel surfaces and around sharp corners, making it optimal for graphics being applied to compound surfaces. Further, it is outdoor durable for five years.

DPM® U 150 Silver V-29 150 Poly H-9 is a 1.5 mil silver urethane film with a permanent pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive and polyester release liner designed for product identification and labeling applications for the durable goods and transportation industries, spanning brand identity labels on recreational vehicles to warning and instructional labels on electronics. In addition to offering conformability and a high-end look, the print-receptive surface is compatible with thermal transfer, UV flexo and UV screen, and the adhesive bonds well to both low- and high-surface energy plastics, metal, paint and powder-coated paint.

“Our customers need solutions that adapt to multiple environments and meet durability and aesthetic requirements and preferences,” said Brian Ayers, product manager, Product Identification, FLEXcon. “By offering this new product, we are providing an excellent choice for a diverse range of markets and applications.”

For more information on this product please visit: www.FLEXcon.com/DPMU150silver

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Posters through the ages in the hubergroup calendar 2015

To honour the printing-ink manufacturer's 250th anniversary, the hubergroup used a sophisticated, graphic advertising medium: the poster Kirchheim near München, 16 December 2014 – Twelve different posters that reflect both the historical changes and significant aspects of the hubergroup's 250-year-old heritage have been selected as the motifs for next year's wall calendar. The calendar kicks off with a January motif that takes us back to 1750, with a coloured copperplate engraving depicting the indigo extraction process, and closes out the year with a contemporary, award-winning poster created to advertise a US arts festival.

The success of posters as information media used both by businesses and institutions to "speak" to the general public began in the 18th century. Alois Senefelder's invention of lithography enabled the simple reproduction of coloured prints and this quickly led to the demise of the cheap and very basic bills of old and the dawn of posters, often of high artistic quality. As advertising became an increasingly important factor in the mass society of the 20th century, advertising specialists adopted this new medium and graphic designers focused more and more on achieving maximum promotional effectiveness.

Almost all of the 15,500 copies of this calendar have already been distributed to all four corners of the earth.

image The coloured chalk lithograph by Carle Vernet, entitled "The billsticker" and dating from around 1820, is the motif for March 2015


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X-Rite Pantone Donates Solutions to Advance Learning

X-Rite Pantone today announced a donation of their hardware and software solutions to BrobyGrafiska, a graphic arts education center located in Sunne, Sweden. X-Rite Pantone’s donation will be used as part of the school’s programs that study packaging Sandor Tatrai, X-Rite Pantone Sales Manager Scandinavia, “BrobyGrafiska is preparing students for the future by giving them access to the latest technology of today. This donation builds on that good work, giving BrobyGrafiska’s students the technology they need to fully understand and manage color in their packaging designs. We’re proud to have X-Rite Pantone’s products utilized by BrobyGrafiska is a meeting place and educational center dedicated to supporting the study of the graphic arts, including: graphic design, packaging design, web, prepress, and flexographic printing. The school has state-of-the art equipment housed in over 8,000 square meters of modern, customized premises. The technical equipment and talented faculty of the school also serve as resources for companies around the world.


Left: Sandor Tatrai, X-Rite Pantone Sales Manager Scandinavia, right: Ronny Eriksson, Technical Manager at BrobyGrafiska

The packaging design classes offered by BrobyGrafiska cover the complete range of packaging production – from idea to finished product. X-Rite Pantone’s donation will give students the chance to use state-of-the-art color solutions so they can determine color standards and accurately measure color in their packaging projects.

Ronny Eriksson, Technical Manager at BrobyGrafiska, says, “BrobyGrafiska’s gives students a “hands-on” learning opportunity that enables them to assess and compare new materials and functionalities in an open testing environment.

This donation from X-Rite Pantone strengthens that education, and we are grateful to have this valuable technology included in our courses.”

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FINAT Young Managers Club announces Global Congress Programme

FINAT’s Young Managers Club (YMC) – a lively part of the European self-adhesive labelling association -- announces it will hold its second global congress at the Sheraton Hotel in Bratislava, Slovakia on April 16-18, 2015. In recent years, YMC has selected locations in Central and Eastern Europe for its gatherings as part of its strategy to connect more with members from that region.


Based on the positive experience gained from previous YMC meetings, this year’s programme once takes again a very hands-on approach, combining a company site visit, workshops, and panel ‘YMC represents some 80 young managers from companies active in the self-adhesive labelling supply chain across Europe and beyond,’ says Young Managers Club President, Dana Kilarska. ‘The 2015 summit will bring us inspiring management practice and valuable networking opportunities.

With the help of professionals and experts we can improve our business performance and learn about changing our behaviour to become more successful. We are young and eager to learn.’

- 15.00: Delegate visit to family-run label converter Purgina, Slovakia

- 10.30-12.45: Innovation workshop: ‘Manage a thin company’ – Jozef Kristak (IPA) –

- 14.30-16.00: Continuation of workshop

- 16.30-17.30: Panel discussion between end users and designers on how to communicate design possibilities

- 08.45-10.45: Workshop: 7 Habits of highly-effective people – Zoltan Demjan

- 11.45-13.15: Continuation of workshop

- 13.15: Closure of the congress

‘The concept of managing a ‘thin company’ is about identifying the bottlenecks within one’s company to find and employ better solutions, and run the business more smoothly -- both at a production and ‘The workshop on the 7 habits of highly-effective people can guide any company towards success and inspire our young leaders,’ she continues. ‘Twenty five years after the book on “7 habits of highly-
effective people” appeared, the principles are timeless and remain more relevant than ever. On an individual level, people are experiencing burn-outs, while on a collective level we are burning up the planet. Participants will learn how to deal with setting individual goals while respectfully collaborating ‘When the FINAT Young Managers Club was founded in 2008 on the occasion of FINAT’s 50th anniversary, the aim was to create a platform where incoming business leaders could connect FINAT’s successful past with a dynamic future. Now, six year later, the YMC itself has become an established feature of our association’s structure. Nevertheless it is still refreshing to experience the continuing stream of the YMC’s high-quality, interactive, and business-oriented programmes, which are setting new standards in FINAT,’ concludes Jules Lejeune, Managing Director, FINAT.

For more information go to www.finat.com.

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NiceLabel selected among 100 leading software and technology providers key to supporting the global food and beverage supply chain

NiceLabel has been chosen to the FL 100+, Food Logistics magazine’s annual list of the top 100-plus software and technology providers to the food and beverage industry. The goal of the list is to ultimately serve as a resource guide for the stakeholders in the global food and beverage supply chain.

Food Logistics this week released the eleventh annual FL100+ list of software and technology providers that hold influential roles in the global food and beverage supply chain. Their products benefit the industry in multiple ways, from reducing food waste and extending shelf life, to facilitating safe and sanitary transportation of product while assuring regulatory compliance.

“The impact of software and technology on the global food supply chain is truly profound,” emphasizes Lara L. Sowinski, Editor-in-Chief at Food Logistics. “Software solution providers, equipment manufacturers and numerous technology innovations are supporting growth in our industry while concurrently lowering operating costs, improving productivity and enhancing visibility from farm to fork. The FL100+ allows us to accommodate and showcase the growing number of companies active in this space.”

"We are honored to have been selected among the 100 leading technological companies supporting the global food and beverage supply chain," said Ken Moir, NiceLabel Marketing Director. "NiceLabel's solutions help food and beverage suppliers of any size directly increase their supply chain efficiency and agility: small businesses benefit from our easy-to-use solutions, while NiceLabel enables larger corporate customers to consolidate labeling, collaborate with their business partners and use their supply chain to provide strategic advantage.”

Earlier this year, NiceLabel developed a free solution to help food suppliers achieve compliance with EU Food Labeling Regulation 1169/2011; the deadline was due on December 13th, however, the solution is still available at www.nicelabel.com/alllergens


Companies who earned a spot on the FL100+ list are featured in the current issue of Food Logistics, as well as at the magazine’s website.

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PET Bottle Rightweighting Able to Save Millions of Dollars a Year in Africa

Sidel has announced a new initiative aimed at reducing the amount of PET used in beverage bottles worldwide, thereby helping producers to save money and improve their environmental footprint at the same time. To allow beverage producers and bottlers to calculate for themselves what savings could be achieved based on their own production parameters, Sidel has introduced an online PET savings calculator.

"The benefits of lightweighting PET bottles are well known in the beverage industry. However many producers are still not taking advantage of innovative new bottle designs that could help them make substantial cost savings," says Clive Smith, Zone Vice-President for the Middle East and Africa at Sidel. "According to our calculations there remains a great opportunity for the beverage industry to reduce raw material usage, save costs and improve environmental footprints by adopting new bottle designs, especially for water and carbonated soft drinks (CSD). Furthermore, these modern designs are often only subtle appearance variations of existing designs that can easily be applied to existing production lines with no difference to the end consumer experience."

In the past 18 months Sidel has launched several bottle design innovations, including its RightWeight™ bottle concept, which can be applied across categories, and its range of Sidel StarLite™ bottle bases for water and CSD. RightWeight is the proprietary bottle design process that Sidel uses to ensure a bottle is both light while also strong enough to survive global supply chains, look good at the point of sale and offer a great consumer experience.

Calculated savings
Modern bottle designs can lead to substantial savings for beverage producers image worldwide. To make it as easy as possible to see the actual savings that can be achieved, Sidel has now launched a PET savings calculator, available at www.sidel.com/PET-savings-calculator. This enables water and CSD producers to easily calculate how much they could save by utilising a Sidel StarLite base and a shorter neck. The calculator allows producers to enter their current production conditions for water or CSD products, such as current bottle neck format, raw material costs, annual production hours and blower speed etc. for a range of bottle formats. It then immediately calculates how much money could be saved per line by simply adapting the bottle design to use the Sidel StarLite base and shorter neck.

According to Sidel data, globally, the average line can save between USD 300,000 and USD 1 million, with faster lines or larger bottle formats capable of saving even more. This leads to an approximate average saving per bottle of up to 0.005 dollars per 0.5 litre bottle or 0.007 dollars per 2 litre bottle for still water, and 0.005 dollars per 0.5 litre bottle or 0.006 dollars per 2 litre bottle for CSD.
According to Euromonitor forecasts for 2014-2018, released in March 2014, 216 billion PET bottles for still water and 116 billion PET bottles for CSD will have been produced by the end of the year. Assuming a minimum saving of 0.005 dollars for all those bottles, the beverage industry as a whole could save 1.08 billion dollars for water and 580 dollars for CSD.


In total this equates to over USD 1.66 billion potential cost savings for the beverage industry from water and CSD alone on a global scale. This does not include other categories such as juices, liquid dairy products and other products.

Commenting on this, Samuel Gobbe, Service Director, Sidel GMEA, stated - "We did the calculation exercise to show the potential that RightWeighting provides globally. However, we also recognised the value of producers being able to find out the specific savings that they can achieve and have therefore introduced the packaging calculator to enable them to do so."

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Universal Converting Equipment appoint top slitter sales executive

Universal Converting Equipment are pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Wilkinson as Sales Executive. Mike has a wealth of experience in the converting industry having worked in senior sales and general management roles for Titan, Atlas, Comexi and Kampf.


Commenting on the appointment, Alan Jones, Managing Director said, “Mike is one of the top salespeople in the industry. His experience and knowledge are second to none. He was responsible for Titan during its rapid growth phase and most recently he has worked for Kampf who are probably the largest worldwide supplier of slitting and rewinding machines. We have ambitious growth plans over the next three years and Mike will help us reach our targets.”

Mike Wilkinson added “When I first visited Universal, I was excited by the potential of their machine range and in particular, their X6 slitter rewinder. I could see the investment that has taken place particularly in the machine and control system design. It was good to see features being incorporated to simplify the operation and maintenance of the machines which others have talked about but Universal Converting Equipment has actually done. Although Universal has always had a reputation for high quality machines its sales effort has been limited. I intend to help Universal grow to be a major worldwide supplier of slitter rewinders.”

Universal Converting Equipment are a fast growing manufacturer of slitter rewinders, rewinding machines, hot melt coating equipment, core cutters and other ancillary systems used in the converting industry. These machines are sold globally. The Universal X6 slitter rewinder is a machine with a compact footprint that has proved particularly successful as a high performance yet cost effective slitting machine for slitting flexible materials. It incorporates automatic knife setting, core alignment, closed loop tension control, additional tension zone through slitting and constant geometry contact rollers to allow high speed operation, minimising changeover time, with consistent high quality output.


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Sleeve Label competition closing soon!

image The AWA Sleeve Label Awards 2015 – the first ever – are open for entries, to recognize and reward outstanding achievements in the fields of stretch- and shrink-sleeve labeling. The competition closes on February 12 2015, however, so potential entrants are encouraged to submit their work soon.

Launched by AWA Alexander Watson Associates, the competition will be judged by an independent panel of industry experts, and winners in five categories -- heat TD shrink sleeves, stretch sleeves, roll-fed MD shrink sleeves, environmental considerations, and ‘Best Sleeve Label Award 2015’ – will be announced, and prizes presented, at the AWA International Sleeve Label Conference & Exhibition in Miami, Florida, USA, on 29-30 April, 2015.

Entry forms and competition rules are available at https://www.awa-bv.com/sleeve_awards

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Labelexpo South China attracts over 5,000 to Guangzhou

image Guangzhou’s Pazhou Exhibition Center played host to the biggest Labelexpo South China yet with 2014’s edition reporting a 4% increase in footfall. Held 3-5 December 2014, the three day trade exhibition welcomed 5,297 visitors (up from 5,098 in 2012).

Around 150 exhibitors showcased their latest products and services. New product launches included presses from Nuova GIDUE, Venture Electronics and WeiFang DongHang Precision Machine Co.

The exhibition was also supported by a two day conference. Well-attended and received, conference program highlights included the keynote presentation given by Jari Haavisto and Heini Lehti of UPM Raflatac along with John Li, senior packaging development manager at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Group Asia-Pacific. Both companies have collaborated to find sustainable labeling solutions and gave their practical insight into how sustainability must go together with profitability in everyday business practises. Another big draw was an overview of the latest smart products being used to encourage consumer interaction and spending with presentations by Top Print Labels, Peng Cheng Li Cultural Technology and Sun Chemical.

The interactive Live Technology Clinic which made its debut at this year’s show also proved popular as two hour-long sessions gave show visitors access to one to one discussions with a panel of label and package printing experts. At the clinic, experts from companies including Kinglabel Adhesives, YUPO and the Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (PEIAC) amongst others, were on hand to advise on all aspects of label and package printing technology as well as help printers realize their potential, solve challenges and increase their opportunities.

John Davy, divisional director of Labelexpo South China said: “The team has again worked incredibly hard to build, improve and ultimately deliver the show. Labelexpo South China 2014 has been an even more valuable event for Chinese printers with the addition of the Live Technology Clinic, while the conference program’s content once again appeared to resonate with the audience. Achieving our highest ever onsite rebook rate in South China to date with 31% of the space signed up for 2016, Labelexpo South China continues to go from strength to strength in what is a formidably competitive marketplace.”

Quotes from exhibitors and speakers:

John Mitchell, international sales manager, KTI: “I was very pleased with the quality of visitors from China at Labelexpo South China and also surprised about the number of guests from outside the country. We will certainly return in two years.”

Fu Qiang Consultant, Label Branch Association - Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (PEIAC): “I like Labelexpo because it give us the latest global advances in technology. I hope that Labelexpo will hold more activities and promote the Chinese label industry. Labelexpo South China is the number one label show in Southern China and I'll work with Labelexpo to further develop the Chinese label market.”

Bent Serritslev, managing director, Xeikon Asia Pacific (ASPAC): “Diversification’ is a word that you often hear nowadays wherever you go and Asia is no exception. The Chinese market is experiencing a tremendous boom in the production of all types of short-run labels, but specifically those that require variable data information, such as barcoding, QR coding or other product and brand security features like microprint. We were extremely happy to engage with visitors to Labelexpo South China and show them exactly how the Xeikon digital label presses and solutions are able to meet their digital manufacturing needs.”

For logos, event photography or more information about Labelexpo South China and the Labelexpo Global Series, please contact Lee Anne Robertson, PR Manager, Labelexpo Global Series.

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Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations goes global in 2015

Xeikon announces the 2015 edition of its Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations (www.xeikoncafe.com). Hosted by Xeikon and Xeikon’s Aura partners, the event will take place from Tuesday 10 March through to Thursday 12 March 2015 in Xeikon’s R&D and production site in Lier. It is aimed at helping label and packaging printers as well as converters and print buyers worldwide enhance and transform their digital production into a profitable business.

A great success story

The concept of the Xeikon Café is a proven formula that provides an informal knowledge exchange platform covering the different aspects of digitalizing print production, while cutting through the information overload. The concept exists for some years and kicked off with a series of one-day local events. In 2014, the very successful and highly applauded Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations was organized over a period of three days; participants praised the event and many have already confirmed their attendance for 2015.


Uffe Nielsen, CEO of Grafisk Maskinfabrik comments: “Grafisk Maskinfabrik’s business is all about converting digitally printed media. Therefore, the Xeikon Café that focuses on digital production is the ideal platform to demonstrate our capabilities. Last year’s edition proved to be a great success and generated a good source of new business revenues for our company. We are delighted to be attending the 2015 event with Xeikon, one of the leading companies in the digital label and packaging market.”

Lauri Järvinen, Technical Marketing Manager at Metsä Board, adds: “Our company is Europe’s leading producer of fresh forest fiber carton boards, and the world’s leading manufacturer of coated white-top kraft liners. It offers premium solutions for consumer and retail packaging. Our sales network serves brand owners, carton printers, corrugated packaging manufacturers and merchants. The Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations gives us an excellent opportunity to meet converters who are really interested in producing folding cartons with a digital press and this represents a fantastic growth opportunity for us.”


Peter Dhondt, Head Business Development & Sales at CERM is also delighted to announce his attendance in 2015: “CERM is a provider of Business Management and Automation Software for Narrow Web Printers. The Xeikon Café 2014 was a great platform to enhance the technical partnership we have with Xeikon and represented a great opportunity for us but also for current and potential Xeikon customers and partners. We eagerly look forward to the 2015 edition.”

Digital production at the heart of exciting live demonstrations

At the Xeikon Café, there will be live demonstrations on Xeikon’s large range of digital label presses, including on the brand new Xeikon Cheetah digital color press, the fastest label press of its class. Attending visitors will have the opportunity to witness just how digital production is enhancing and transforming the label and packaging industry and how it is turning short to medium runs into a profitable business.

Filip Weymans, Xeikon’s Director Segment Marketing Labels & Packaging explains why attending is a must: “With the 2014 edition being such a tremendous success, we are very much looking forward to the 2015 edition! For novice or expert label and packaging printers and converters as well as technical print buyers and brand owners, our Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations event is the ideal opportunity to discover the huge potential of digital printing and automated production workflows, and to learn how integrated digital production solutions can drive innovation and help established print producers grow their business even further.”

A host of Suites in action

Participants will also see the full range of Xeikon’s label and packaging application suites in action, i.e. the Folding Carton Suite, the Self-Adhesive Label Suite, the Heat Transfer Label Suite and the In-Mold Label Suite, featuring live job preparation, production and finishing of real-life and purpose-built applications. In addition, a variety of applications will be on display, illustrating what digital production can achieve.

Aura Partners involved in the development of the label and packaging application suites will describe their contributions in detail during several technical seminars. Xeikon customers will also share their experience of using their application suites and talk about how this has helped secure new business sales and growth. And finally, there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions, exchange ideas on digital production and engage with Aura Partners, Xeikon staff and peers. Dedicated information about each of the label and packaging application suites on show will be released shortly, so stay tuned.

A network of fantastic partners

The 2015 Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations will be hosted in collaboration with the following Xeikon Aura Partners, who will all attend the event: AB Graphic International, ACTEGA Terra, BOGRAMA, CERM, Esko, Grafisk Maskinfabrik, HYBRID Software, KURZ, Label Traxx, Meech International, Metsä Board, Michelman, OneVision Software, Taghleef, Rietstack, Shobertechnologies, Spartanics, Stora Enso, Treofan Group, Tronics and Zünd.

The Xeikon Aura Partner Network is a robust and fully encompassing partner network. This group brings together information about Xeikon partners and their integrated solutions in a centralized location and as a professional networking source. The Xeikon Aura Partner Network is based upon non-exclusive relationships with industry-leading partners, in the areas of print media, equipment, software and consumables.

Sign up Today

The Xeikon Café will take place at Xeikon’s production site in Belgium, March 10-12, 2015 with basically the same program each day, so participants can choose the date that best suits them. Attendance is free but registration is required online at www.xeikoncafe.com.

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Universal Converting Equipment complete Phase 2 of their expansion strategy

In the last two years, Universal Converting Equipment has doubled its turnover. To support this turnover growth, Universal invested in additional manufacturing space, designers and assembly staff (Phase 1). However, Universal found that the business was being held back by the lack of capacity of its sub-contractors to meet their increased demands. In the last 12 months Universal undertook an ambitious plan to install its own machine shop so it could be self-sufficient in machined mechanical parts. This Phase 2 investment plan is now complete following the installation of £1m in CNC controlled machine tools. The investment has included a CNC mill for the manufacture of machine side-frames, a CNC lathe for production of rollers, PC controlled roller balancing equipment and a range of CNC machining centres for the manufacture of other parts. Special foundations were built for some of the equipment. For example, the large mill sits on a solid reinforced concrete base over 1000mm deep. Levelling the machine bed to the tolerances required took a specialist team over a week to achieve.


Commenting on the investment, Alan Jones, Managing Director of Universal Converting Equipment said “We have been using 3D CAD systems to design our machines for the last 10 years. We have now invested in CAM software systems so that the part drawings can be converted into files that can be downloaded directly into the CNC machine tools. This prevents errors caused with manually controlled machines and eliminates data entry mistakes. The CAM system ensures we have consistently high quality components with the minimum of downtime when new designs are entered. Since installing this equipment, we have changed the design of some components so that the machining time can be reduced resulting in cost savings that can be passed onto our customers. We have used our own resources to fund this investment without the need for borrowings, increasing the financial strength and stability of the company. We are now commencing Phase 3 to increase our global sales and support infrastructure.”

Universal Converting Equipment are a manufacturer of slitter rewinders, rewinding machines, hot melt coating equipment, core cutters and other ancillary systems used in the converting industry. These machines are sold globally. The Universal X6 slitter rewinder is a machine with a compact footprint that has proved particularly successful as a high performance yet cost effective slitting machine for slitting flexible materials. It incorporates automatic knife setting, core alignment, closed loop tension control, additional tension zone through slitting and constant geometry contact rollers to allow high speed operation, minimising changeover time, with consistent high quality output.


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Kodak Sets New Structure to Drive Growth

image Kodak  has established a new organizational structure to make the company faster-moving, more competitive and more entrepreneurial. The company will have five market-focused business divisions: Print Systems; Enterprise Inkjet Systems; Micro 3D Printing and Packaging; Software and Solutions; and Consumer and Film.

These divisions will be end-to-end operating units with responsibility and accountability for portfolio, product design, engineering, services, sales, purchasing and supply chain.

      “Kodak has an extraordinary product and service portfolio, groundbreaking scientific and engineering expertise, and a world-famous and highly trusted brand,” Kodak Chief Executive Officer Jeff Clarke said. “We now have the right organizational structure for deploying those strengths to drive growth. We designed this structure to sharpen our focus on performance, predictability and accountability for business results.”

      Kodak’s new operating divisions, their markets and leaders are:

  • Print Systems Division: Led by Brad Kruchten, President, Print Systems, and Senior Vice President, Kodak, this division will serve graphic arts and commercial print customers with printing plates (including the rapidly growing KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates), computer to plate (CTP) imaging solutions, electrophotographic printing solutions (EPS), OEM toner and all equipment services.
  • Enterprise Inkjet Systems Division: Philip Cullimore, President, Enterprise Inkjet Systems, and Senior Vice President, Kodak, will lead this division, which will serve existing and future inkjet printing customers with KODAK PROSPER Systems (including the PROSPER 6000 Press, the world’s fastest and most powerful commercial inkjet press); KODAK VERSAMARK Systems; Print on Demand Solutions (PODS); and ink OEM solutions.
  • Micro 3D Printing and Packaging Division: Philip Cullimore will also lead this group on an interim basis as President, Micro 3D Printing and Packaging, which serves packaging customers and display OEM partners with products such as KODAK FLEXCEL NX Systems and Plates, legacy packaging solutions and touch sensor films.
  • Software and Solutions Division: Eric-Yves Mahe, President, Software and Solutions, and Senior Vice President, Kodak, will lead this unit which includes Kodak Technology Solutions, Kodak’s go-to-market engine to prioritize and monetize Kodak innovations in partnership with Kodak Research Labs; KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions; Brand Protection Solutions; Kodak Services for Business; and Design 2 Launch solutions to manage and coordinate use of brand assets.
  • Consumer and Film Division: Steven Overman, President, Consumer and Film, and Senior Vice President, Kodak, who is also Kodak’s Chief Marketing Officer, will lead Kodak’s most consumer-facing division, with responsibility for consumer inkjet solutions, motion picture and commercial films, synthetic chemicals, and brand licensing. This division is responsible for the exploration of other potential initiatives in the consumer space.

Kodak is combining its current four regional sales organizations into two: Europe, United States and Canada, Australia and New Zealand (EUCAN) and Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa (ALMA). These will be led by John O’Grady, Managing Director, EUCAN, and Vice President, Kodak, and Lois Lebegue, Managing Director, ALMA, and Vice President, Kodak.  Common service and back office support will be hosted in a shared service model in each region for all businesses.

The company also is optimizing its corporate functions by eliminating overlap and enhancing accountability. The corporate functional leaders are:

· John McMullen, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President;

· Mark Green, Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Vice President;

· Steven Overman, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President;

· Patrick Sheller, General Counsel, Secretary and Chief Administrative Officer and Senior Vice President;

· Terry Taber, Chief Technical Officer and Senior Vice President; and

· Kim VanGelder, Chief Information Officer and Vice President. VanGelder will now report to CEO Jeff Clarke.

      These changes will be effective January 1, 2015.

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Mondi Retort and Hot Fill Pouches Pass National Food Lab’s Seal Integrity Tests, Demonstrate Exceptional Sealing Capability

Retort and hot fill spouted pouches manufactured by Mondi North America have successfully completed hermetic seal integrity tests conducted by The National Food Laboratory LLC, an independent testing organization. The testing offers added assurance to food companies and co-packers that Mondi retort and hot fill pouches meet the highest standards for leak-proof, hermetically sealed performance.


Retort and hot fill spouted pouches manufactured by Mondi North America have successfully completed hermetic seal integrity tests conducted by The National Food Laboratory LLC, an independent testing organization.

“The hermetic seal integrity test exposes pouches to extremely challenging conditions,” says Roger Vrooman, product development engineer, Mondi Jackson (Mo.). “Mondi’s successful test results should interest packaging managers responsible for a wide range of food products including baby foods and fruit purees.”

Mondi’s retort pouches and their contents are sterilized and remain stable on store shelves without the need for freezing or refrigeration. They are designed for packaging of such products as baby foods, soups, sauces and rice products. Mondi’s hot fill spouted pouches are typically used to package more acidic products such as apple sauce and fruit purees.

Successful Testing

The hermetic seal integrity tests were conducted at The National Food Laboratory’s facility in Livermore, Calif. A representative sample of Mondi retort spouted pouches with caps were filled with a low-acid broth and sterilized in a lab retort chamber. A small number of pouches were selected for an initial burst test; they showed no leakage after subjection to a strong vacuum of -20 inches of mercury (Hg).

A batch of 50 pouches then underwent immersion biotesting according to U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines. This involved submersion in a bacteria-filled solution followed by a two-week incubation period. The Mondi pouches showed no signs of swelling that would indicate bacterial contamination, confirming that the pouches had maintained their seal integrity.

Mondi’s hot fill spouted pouches also underwent burst testing and immersion biotesting for hot fill applications. Pouch samples were filled with a high-acid solution that simulated the actual contents of hot fill applications, and then sterilized in a steam tunnel. The pouches completed the tests with no failures, verifying the pouches’ seal integrity.

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Mercian Labels and AC Labels announce merger

Mercian Labels today announces that it will be merging its wholly owned subsidiary AC Labels Ltd into its main business.

Since its purchase by Mercian Labels in 2010, AC Labels’ reputation for producing high integrity variable data and barcodes has resulted in them being awarded the prestigious IPIA Trade Printer of the Year award twice in two years. In October 2012, AC Labels also received accolades for producing the world’s longest barcode label – an impressive 40 meters long!

From 2010, AC Labels’ growth has been exponential, providing excellent barcode solutions to blue chip companies and institutions, mainly via the Print Trade, in industry setting lead times with award winning service.

Mercian Labels itself provides many millions of labels annually to both the Print Trade and end users, using a combination of digital, flexographic and hotfoil presses to ensure a bespoke labelling solution that spans all industries. Mercian Labels services over 10,000 business and prides itself in setting the industry standards for fast turnaround, the vast majority of its orders being produced in just 3 days from artwork approval.


Millions of pounds have been invested over the last 4 years on a new generation of presses and building infrastructure, so that AC Labels and Mercian Labels are primed to move forward together into the powerhouse of print providers. With this in mind, the businesses have made the decision to pool all of their resources to form a new Mercian Labels, which will allow complete access to each others’ facilities; from materials, through pre press, to a wide range of finished goods, all delivered in the customary speed and all provided with the best service in the industry.

With this in mind, with effect from 31 December 2014, AC Labels Ltd (company number 04226935) will cease to trade, and all of its assets and business will merge with those of the existing Mercian Labels Ltd (company number 00951963).

Mercian Labels Ltd was formed in 1969, and its principal business is manufacturing self adhesive labels in medium and short runs for UK businesses, using a variety of methods including flexographic, hotfoil and the latest digital printing technology.

AC Labels in Derby were acquired in 2010, adding long run variable data and barcode label capabilities to the product portfolio, and have recently added the latest generation of fast flexographic presses to their range of equipment.

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X-Rite Announces Availability of PANTONE Certified Printer Program

X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in color science and technology, announced the newly updated PANTONE Certified Printer Program for commercial printers and packaging converters that addresses new industry standards. The PANTONE Certified Printer Program reviews and analyzes every aspect of color operations— from preflight, file preparation and proofing, to ink formulation and mixing, and process control in the pressroom. This creates total quality management based on industry best practices and procedures that drive consistent and repeatable color.

“As a trade printer, you must be lean to be competitive,” says Michael Clark President of Cedar Graphics, an EarthColor company and a PANTONE Certified Printer. “The more I learned about the PANTONE Certified Printer program and how it could help streamline our processes and make them more consistent, the more interested I became.” The outside perspective that X-Rite Pantone brings to the PANTONE Certified Printer program enabled Cedar Graphics to ensure consistent operation from department to department and shift to shift, from ink room through prepress and the pressroom. “Everyone is now speaking the same language, and we are much more efficient as a result,” Clark says.


The process begins with a PANTONE Certified Printer Audit conducted by an X-Rite specialist. The audit process isolates issues that compromise color accuracy and is the basis for the implementation of Standards-Based Procedures so that all operators on all shifts can consistently produce the best color the same way.

“The PANTONE Certified Printer Program closes the gap that exists between the many other certification programs available today which cover only part of the workflow, or simply a press or a proofer,” explains Mark Gundlach, Training Development Manager at X-Rite. “This program is unique in that it ties all areas of production together, from prepress and ink formulation to the press room with a focus on both process color and spot color reproduction. This applies to digital, flexo, litho and even grand format print production. Good printers can produce

great color at a point in time but it may not be consistent over time. This program, which includes a quarterly color check based on a standard set of files, results in more consistent quality with less rework using existing investments and people.”

“If you know you are going to be checked by an expert on a quarterly basis,” Cedar Graphics’ Clark adds, “it’s just another incentive to keep things up to date as opposed to doing it once and forgetting about it. We look forward to our quarterly reviews and what we might learn each time that will help us communicate even better.”

“Industry Standard Operating Procedures reduce variability across shifts and over time, as well as provide faster, more consistent staff training,” Gundlach says. “Surprises cost money, and consistency reduces waste”. Proofing and printing to standards helps print and converting operations set and meet customer expectations. PANTONE Certified Printers follow standard operating procedures throughout the production operation when specifying CMYK colors based on their print standards. PANTONE colors are specified and formulated using spectral data from the PantoneLIVE™ digital libraries.

Packaging converters and printers interested in pursuing this certification to bring additional color consistency, quality and efficiency to their operations not only benefit from the certification process but are also able to use the PANTONE Certified Printer logo to add even more credibility to their sales and marketing efforts.

For more information about X-Rite services and solutions, please visit www.xrite.com.

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