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Spektr automates quality control with the EyeC ProofRunner Web inspection system

  Spektr, a leading label and packaging printer in Belarus has installed the EyeC ProofRunner Web 100% inspection system for automatic quality control of printed labels. Leading the sale was Paritet System, the local EyeC partner in Belarus. 

The EyeC ProofRunner Web 450 inspection system was installed on the Bobst Expert M3 flexo printing press. The system provides constant monitoring of the printing process and identifies various types of label defects, the criteria for which are determined in the system settings, and instantly alerts the printer if any faults are detected. 

Full control of print quality provided by the EyeC ProofRunner Web without the visual involvement of the printer makes it possible to increase overall printing speed. One-stop service Serving the label market more than 20 years, Spektr is known as a trend setter in the premium label segment and a leader of the Belarusian market in volume of labels produced with a high degree of finishing. 

The printing house operates mainly with Bobst and Omet presses with a maximum number of flexo units up to 12 colours. Spektr offers a complete turnkey process which includes design development, printing of labels and packaging, and delivery by its own transport fleet serving customers in CIS countries as well Western Europe. 

Production is equipped with more than 40 units of printing equipment and the total number of employees exceeds 400 people. Automatic 100% inspection with ProofRunner Web The EyeC ProofRunner Web series is a complete range of in-line inspection systems for label, leaflet, foil, and flexible packaging printing. Installed on a printing press or a rewinder, the EyeC ProofRunner Web uses a compact, high speed line scan camera to continuously acquire a high-resolution image of the entire web.

 A highperformance computer system identifies all printed items on the web and performs an intelligent comparison of each printed item against the customer proof. Press Release For more information: Defects such as errors in text, colour deviations, misregistration, press contamination, hickeys, filled in or missing characters are caught in real time – allowing the printer to correct any issues before too much waste is printed. "We have a long-term relationship with Spektr in providing raw materials for printing," said Kiryl Zubrytski, director of Paritet System, LLC. "It is a great honour for us to be more than just a supplier but also the first to install an EyeC inspection system at one of the largest printing houses in Belarus."