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ROLAND 700 HiPrint starts up in Lodz

Hornet in Lodz, Poland, celebrates the commissioning of its new ROLAND 700 HiPrint. The investment objective: to improve quality and productivity as a competitive advantage. Hornet Sp. z o.o. in Lodz, Poland, installed a four-color ROLAND 700 HiPrint in mid-November 2009. This full-service printing company which is already a manroland customer will use the new press to print brochures, catalogs, posters and labels. And why does Krzysztof Majchrowicz, Managing Director of Hornet, bank on the ROLAND 700 HiPrint? “The quality the market expects from print products and thus from us as a printer is getting higher all the time. We also have to reduce our costs through for instance faster production with more efficient workflows. The ROLAND 700 HiPrint enables us to do both.” Products from the printservices portfolio also contribute to efficient workflows: the company ordered the ColorPilot measurement and regulation system along with the TelePresence remote maintenance package. Tomasz Gal

EU food and drink manufacturers welcome FSAI findings on portion size information

EU food and drink manufacturers today welcomed the publication of the nationwide survey by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) which provides an insight into consumers’ understanding and views of food labelling on the Irish market. Members of the CIAA (Confederation of food and drink industries of the EU) welcomed in particular the finding that 87% of consumers considered the nutrition table on a label to be very or fairly important, but most would prefer to see nutrient values stated per portion, than per 100g/ml. This fully vindicates the industry view that information per portion is most relevant to consumers for making informed dietary choices based on their individual needs. The industry implemented Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) labelling scheme is based on a portion approach to foods and beverages and provides the information consumers need to evaluate the product’s place in their daily diet. Food labelling laws are currently being revised at EU level. As far as ma

European Bioplastics announces 5th European Bioplastics Conference

European Bioplastics, the association of the bioplastics industry in Europe, announces the 5th European Bioplastics Conference. The event will take place on 1/2 December 2010, at the Hilton Hotel in Düsseldorf. The market for bioplastics is growing steadily. Already today, bioplastics can be used in a variety of applications from film, to packaging and durable consumer goods. Bioplastics are found in cell phones, automobiles, toys, medical equipment and textiles, just to name a few. New fields of application are conquered permanently. The 5th European Bioplastics Conference, the leading business event in the expanding market of bioplastics, will present the latest technological and market developments. Visitors can expect excellent networking opportunities and a product exhibition of the latest innovations. Last year 27 exhibitors made the 4th European Bioplastics Conference the most successful international event in the bioplastics sector. 78% of the attendants came from Europe, foll

Grahams sleeve a bunch of Roses

Artform International Ltd, the ground-breaking Point-of-Purchase design and manufacturing company of Loughborough, called on Grahams to supply a sleeve and shrink system for the application of highly decorative sleeves to tubs of Cadbury’s Roses and Cadbury’s Miniature Heroes. With knowledge of Grahams experience of wide web technology and accurate placement expertise, Artform asked the Grahams technical team to work closely with them to mechanise what was, at that time, manual application of the Cadbury sleeves. Auto apply of the 4 large, varying shaped containers (ranging from a 650g PP rectangular, to 850g & 1.2Kg PS tapered ‘D’ shapes, to a 900g PS oval shape) is by a Graham’s RF120w sleeve applicator. It is fitted with a space saving front loaded material spool and a 300mm wide cutter to handle the various sized sleeves ranging up to 250mm diameter. The containers are mounted inverted onto plastic bases, which aids accuracy of sleeve placement also allowing the sleeve to b

Dscoop5 Sets New Standard for Attendee and Partner Participation

More than 1,800 HP Indigo owners and users gathered at Dscoop5, the 2010 Dscoop Annual Conference that ran February 18-20 at the Gaylord Texan Hotel & Convention Center in Dallas. Both attendees and exhibitors increased significantly from 2009, the previous record-setting event for Dscoop. In addition to a sizable increase in participating attendees from across the globe, the event’s Solutions Showcase exhibition also set new benchmarks with 90 participating vendors highlighting their products and services. “Dscoop5 was absolutely phenomenal and blew away all of our expectations,” said Larry Vaughn, Dscoop chairman and president of Ideal Printers. “The strong showing from our members and support from our Partners shows that everyone is connecting with the whole idea of Dscoop—that as a cooperative, we can all help each other to achieve more.” Conference attendees chose from 110 educational sessions and five hands-on workshops that addressed important business and operational issue

Stute is modernising its bottling operations

The food and beverage specialists Stute Nahrungsmittelwerke in Paderborn, Germany, rank among of Europe’s leading producers of dealer’s brands for soft drinks and sweet breakfast products. Their range of beverages includes classic varieties like fruit juices, ice tea and lemonades, plus innovative wellness products. Juice compositions and water enriched with mineral and vitamin additives. Stute is investing purposefully in state-of-the-art technology, so as to ensure particularly gentle filling of the beverages concerned. This is why the client is currently commissioning an aseptic bottling line from Krones. The PET-Asept line has been designed for an output of 32,400 0.5-litre or 20,000 1,5-litre containers, and is suitable for bottling both still and carbonated beverages. It utilises the classical wet-aseptic process featuring peracetic acid. The PET-Asept line will be validated in the early summer of this year. As a follow-up order, Stute has asked Krones to supply two blow-moulde

A new standard in high temperature bioplastics

Biome Bioplastics Limited is proud to announce the launch of an exciting development in the field of bioplastics. BiomeHT 90 is the first of a new range of high temperature bioplastics that will provide significant benefits over existing alternatives within the market. This new bioplastic is in a class of its own and offers, for the first time, the ability for bioplastics to be used in higher temperature applications due to its superior temperature performance and greater rigidity. This breakthrough in the bioplastics sector opens the market to a multitude of new possibilities and applications that have not been able to benefit from the environmental properties of bioplastics in the past. With a softening point of greater than 90 O C, in both dry and wet conditions, BiomeHT 90 exceeds the performance of alternative bioplastic products by 20-30 O C; a breakthrough for high temperature applications. BiomeHT 90 has been tested in injection mouldings and sheet/thermoforming applications w


Plantic Technologies Ltd. announced today a new distribution agreement in the Americas for its line of the Plantic® biopolymer rigid packaging films in an exclusive partnership with the Klöckner Pentaplast Group (Gordonsville, VA, USA). Klöckner Pentaplast, a leading global producer of rigid packaging films, will market and sell Plantic® rigid packaging films throughout the Americas under its Pentafood® Biofilm™ brand name. Designed to increase market penetration and enhance service to the marketplace, this partnership will provide customers with access to products that will help meet their sustainable packaging goals. Plantic will continue to service the Australasia and European markets directly. Plantic® biopolymer film is high-amylase corn starch based product that is renewable, biodegradable, home compostable, water dispersible, and compostable to ASTM 6400 and EN 13432 standards. Plantic® films are suitable for food and general-purpose thermoformed packaging applications, such as

UK: Britain’s brewers demonstrate the continuing benefits of a voluntary approach to labelling

British Beer & Pub Association responds to the Government’s alcohol labelling consultation Britain’s brewers have made considerable progress in9 voluntarily labelling their cans and bottles with information on units and responsible drinking. As the Government’s study on labelling, undertaken last year, states: 91 per cent of beer cans and bottles have unit information 75 per cent have a responsibility message 82 per cent have the Drinkaware ( 40 per cent have the responsible drinking guidelines 31 per cent have a pregnancy warning Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) said: “Our industry is delivering good and growing levels of information on labels to help people make more informed choices about their drinking behaviour. “The positive and continuing progress made, not only shows the merits of the voluntary approach, but demonstrates why Government should continue to back the voluntary approach

ROTOCONTROL Extends Coverage to South America

Orlando Esteves, Forpack International Trade and Ralph Beier, ROTOCONTROL Forpack International Trade now distributing ROTOCONTROL leading edge inspection, slitting, rewinding and die cutting finishing machines throughout South and Central America Ahrensburg, Germany  (February 18, 2010) - Following last week's distribution announcement in Spain, Ralph Beier, ROTOCONTROL International Sales Manager, today announced another signed exclusive distribution agreement with Forpack International Trade now representing ROTOCONTROL leading edge inspection, slitting, rewinding and die cutting finishing machines for the narrow web industry throughout South America. "After spending two weeks in Brazil and Chile visiting Converters, I witnessed firsthand the exciting demand for Finishing Machines" states Ralph Beier.  "Forpack approached ROTOCONTROL seeking to represent our product and after observing how professional and well-connected they are, I am convinced they will

WP Digital Selling swissQprint UV Printer in the US and Canada

In the future, WP Digital, the Swiss manufacturer of high-quality digital printing systems, will serve the North American market (USA / Canada) with the “oryx” UV digital printer produced by swissQprint. A large variety of plates and/or flexible materials can be processed either in flatbed or roll mode. The portfolio expansion with the oryx printer is aimed at the graphical market and serves the needs of medium-sized businesses with the highest quality standards. WP Digital is taking over the exclusive sales and service for the oryx combination printer in North America. A demo and service center will be available to customers and interested persons near New York, in Mahwah (NJ), starting in January 2010. WP Digital covers the full range of applications in digital printing, with powerful industrial-scale large-format printers and industrial digital printing for glass and other materials, as well as the development of new applications for digital printing. swissQprint produces digital

Lightning Labels announces a world first--an iPhone label quoting app

Free iPhone app gives users custom label bids in seconds iPhone users can now get a free custom label printing quote in less than a minute with the new iLabel application from Denver-based Lightning Labels, LLC, America’s first all-digital label printer. To download the world’s first iPhone label quoting application, users simply go to iTunes and search for iLabel. “It’s fast, easy and can be done from anywhere,” notes Lightning Labels founder Peter Renton. “Fill out six selection fields and get a price almost instantaneously. I’ve been able to get the entire process down to a little over 30 seconds, a far cry from the days when custom printing quotes often took days to turn around.” Impetus for building a dedicated label printing quote application was the high volume of iPhone users getting quotes from the main Lightning Labels website. “We decided to make it super easy for these people,” Renton says. Notes James Lowry, Lightning Labels General

DPM® Aply™ 1000

  Bubbling is just one aesthetics issue that OEMs have to consider when it comes to brand logos and warning labels on outdoor power equipment. Such markings must retain their legibility and graphic quality, and remain securely in place, throughout the useful life of the equipment. Any blemish can mar consumer perception of quality and expose OEMs to liability if a warning label becomes unreadable. With a 5-year outdoor durability, DPM ® Aply™ 1000 is a specially-engineered white opaque film that facilitates bubble-free label graphics. As a VBS Supreme product, DPM ® Aply™ 1000’s rigidity offers fast and easy label application, and this conformable film is ideal for flat or semi-compound curved surfaces. It is easy to handle to provide a greater ability to rework the label. The excellent surface smoothness provides superior print quality. The print-receptive surface is compatible with most conventional and UV ink systems. We recommend evaluating the intended ink system for compatibi

Select 55

Anheuser-Busch launched Select 55, a golden lager with only 55 calories and 1.9 grams of carbohydrates per serving. Select 55 is made with a blend of imported and domestic caramel malts. The product is available in 12 oz. glass bottles. Source: GPI

Evolve opts for Promens’ AirFree Vinci bottle

British eco-beauty brand evolve has adopted Promens’ Green AirFreeVinci bottle for use in its product range. The use of post consumer recycled polyethylene material (PE PCR) has until now been difficult to use in the cosmetic industry because of the problematic odour migration from raw material into the formula. With the AirFree system Promens provides a solution and proposes a multi-layers co-extruded bottle. The external layer is recycled PE and represents 70% to 85% of the total raw material weight of the bottle. The internal multi layer pouch (non recycled PE) contains a barrier material that blocks all odour migration and also protects the integrity of the formula that is in contact with virgin PE. This development is very important for sustainability of non-renewable resources. In terms of the process, the Airfree technology is environmental friendly. The production is one single operation: there are no moving parts and no assembly. The blow moulding process is a closed loop

Flint Group to Acquire Ink Manufacturer Torda

Today, Flint Group, a leading global solutions provider to the Packaging and Print Media industries, signed an agreement to acquire Torda, a leading manufacturer of printing inks for the packaging markets in Northern Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East with a substantial presence in Eastern Europe. Torda generated revenues of approximately €23m in 2009. “We are delighted about the agreement with Torda. The company’s business model and performance is an excellent fit for our strategy” says Dr. Dirk Aulbert, President of Flint Group’s global Packaging and Narrow Web division. “Torda’s setup, especially in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East, ideally complements and expands our network of manufacturing and service facilities into these growth markets,” Dr. Aulbert adds. “Thanks to its solid product platform and a service focused business culture, Torda is a well-established supplier to the packaging industry with a strong foothold in the food packaging sector,” comment

Gaviscon Handy Packs from UCP

  United Closures and Plastics is supplying Reckitt Benckiser with injection moulded two-piece handy packs for Gaviscon Double Action tablets, an extension to the brand-leading heartburn and indigestion remedy product range to provide a convenient pocket or handbag pack for use by consumers on the move. In a departure from UCP’s core closure business the project utilised the company’s injection moulding expertise to design and develop the complete pack comprising a rigid container body with integral hinged flip-top and a colour-matched push fit base, which closes the pack after filling. The technical challenge for UCP was to ensure the consistent quality of seals between the base, the body and the flip-top to minimise moisture vapour transmission levels in order to preserve the integrity of the tablets. The polypropylene polymer used to manufacture the packs is certified for compliance to European Pharmacopoeia requirements , which necessitated a dedicated feed system at the Norwich

Domino moves forward with Digital Printing Solutions

IPEX 2010 marks a watershed for Domino, with the Cambridge, UK-based company using the show as the launchpad for a brand new range of four/five colour digital presses. The move marks Domino’s transition from acknowledged market leader in in-line variable data printing to mainstream supplier of full colour digital printing equipment. The introduction is underpinned by the establishment of Domino’s Digital Printing Solutions division, dedicated to the Printing, Mailing, Packaging and Converting markets, focussing on label printers as well as in-house, near line printing in the packaging sector. The company’s existing wide range of ink jet technologies for personalisation and numbering will sit alongside the new N-Series full colour solution to meet the complete range of digital printing applications. Nigel Bond, Group Managing Director at Domino Printing Sciences plc, said:  “Domino has become pre-eminent in industrial ink jet over the last three decades and is continuously expandi

FLEXcon to Feature Extended Line of HP Indigo-Compatible Products at Dscoop5

To meet the increasing demands of printers who are leveraging their HP Indigo presses to win lower volume, yet more intricate jobs, FLEXcon has rolled out 12 new HP Indigo-compatible substrates, one of which is a greener alternative for exterior window applications. These products are applicable for a wide range of product identification and advertising applications, including reflective and conformable durable labels, graphic advertising for floors and windows, and prime labels. These new products, featuring FLEXcon’s DigiPRO ® HP Indigo-compatible topcoats, will be highlighted by FLEXcon at the upcoming Dscoop5 (Digital Solutions Cooperative) Annual Conference scheduled for February 18-20 in Dallas, TX. The addition of these 12 new products brings the total number of FLEXcon HP Indigo printable substrates to 32, all of which are from FLEXcon’s vast Value Better Supreme (VBS) product offerings. These 12 new products are topcoated with FLEXcon’s DigiPRO ® HP

ROTOCONTROL Signs Distribution Agreement with Esagraf for Local Coverage in Spain

Esagraf will host an open house at their Barcelona facility in March to demonstrate the RSC Slitter Rewinder Inspection Machine. Ralph Beier, ROTOCONTROL International Sales Manager, today announced the signed exclusive distribution agreement with Maquinaria Esagraf who will represent ROTOCONTROL leading edge inspection, slitting, rewinding and die cutting finishing machines for the narrow web industry in Spain. "Esagraf is a well-known and esteemed company representing high quality lines for the narrow web industry in Spain" states Ralph Beier.  "Already, they have booked business for ROTOCONTROL and will further promote the ROTOCONTROL line of leading edge inspection, slitting, rewinding and die cutting finishing machines during their open house in March from the 22nd to the 26th. Eduardo Sá Lago, Managing Director of Esagraf commented: "Over the last 15 years we have established numerous customer relationships in Spain's narrow web industry.  Our client

Brand new for the Italian market, the yogurt cream 500g of Alois Müller.

A new brand for the Italian market, the yogurt cream 500g of Alois Müller. As a "crema di yogurt" they are available in nine varieties: Bianco, Bianco 0.1%, coffee, vanilla, strawberry, cherry, coconut, peach and apricot, raspberry, blackberry. GIZEH packaging produces the thermoformed PP container and then decorated with an OPS Sleeve from head to toe. This newly developed cup replaces an easy-printed cup. The dark blue background makes the sleeve on a spoon or fruit flavors presented seem particularly tempting. Muller's "crema di yogurt" is available in Italian supermarkets. Buon appetito a tutti gli italiani! SOURCE: Gizeh

Pret A Manger Redesigns Sparkling Juice Line With Help From Crown

International café chain Pret A Manger ( ) has launched a rejuvenated look for its range of Pure Pret sparkling fresh juices using Pictoris™ high quality print technology from CROWN Bevcan Europe & Middle East, a business unit of Crown Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCK) (Crown) ( ). The company, which specializes in freshly prepared, natural products, partnered with Crown to create a visually appealing beverage can that reflects its brand image and values. The new Pure Pret cans feature detailed typography and stunning images of Pret A Manger's iconic food-based characters, such as a goldfish cleverly formed by parts of an orange. The detailed graphics realistically emulate the textures of the fruits used in the juices to communicate flavors, which include Sparkling Orange, Apple, Elderflower & Grape, Ginger Beer and Yoga Bunny Detox. To produce these detailed graphics, Pictoris™ high quality print makes use of proprietary separation techniques and

Comexi’s EB printing technology and WetFlex®

After 5 years of joint research and development, Comexi Group and Sun Chemical are pleased to announce the commercial availability of the first fully industrial solution for flexographic printing using Comexi’s eCOMEXI flexographic presses and the Sun Chemical WetFlex® ink system. This technology was presented at Drupa 2008 on the Comexi Group booth, and today is ready to be used, with proven results, to print flexible packaging substrates. The WetFlex flexographic electron beam curing ink printing process not only allows flexible packaging converters the use of a fully environmentally friendly technology, but also provides impressive quality and compliance advantages. This proposed solution guarantees total reliability in the heavy-duty industrial environment, achieving high printing quality with more than 70 l/cm, better brightness and a Comexi patented built-in inking system to secure full stability in the printing process. In addition, achieving such high print resolution allow

Arpeco Is Purchased by Mark Andy, Inc.

Arpeco, the popular line of US-made inspection rewind equipment, has been acquired by Mark Andy Inc. The brand was purchased as part of an ongoing plan to further develop Rotoflex market segments and expand its position globally.  Ken Daming, business unit manager for Rotoflex says, "Arpeco is a star among inspection rewind products, and the acquisition complements our global growth plans. We couldn't be more pleased to bring a quality product line into the Rotoflex family."  In the merging of the brands, Arpeco sales and engineering will be consolidated into the existing Rotoflex office in Mississauga, Ontario. MAX, the customer service and support team supporting all Mark Andy Inc. brands will be responsible for the sales of Arpeco certified parts as well as the service of existing installations. Ken Daming will remain dedicated business unit manager for Rotoflex and all inspection rewinder business held by Mark Andy Inc.  To contact Arpeco sales and service, please cal

ROTOCONTROL reports record month of machines entering production

Marco Aengenvoort, Managing Director, today reported that January was a record month for new orders for ROTOCONTROL machines being released to the production floor.  Manufacturing and technical staff were increased to meet the current demand in booked and anticipated order activity in the coming months.   Machines currently being manufactured include the RSC Series Slitter Rewinder Inspection Machines, RSD Series Die Cutting/ Slitting Rewinding Machines, and recently introduced EDM200 Series Over-printing Press.  These machines will fulfill customer orders received from Germany, Finland, South Africa, Italy, France, Spain, and Turkey.    "Since our product demonstrations at Labelexpo Europe, the customer orders that followed are extremely positive" states Marco Aengenvoort. "The increased momentum is reflected in our current production floor which will continue to grow this coming year.  Also evident in the mix of machines ordered by customers, is our ability to also b

Rich, Creamy Creamers Use Printpack’s Shrink Labels

Printpack’s shrink labels are the label of choice for Darigold, Inc.’s introduction of creamers in two flavors and in two sizes. A new contoured bottle and easy to pour cap combined with new graphics for the shrink sleeve labels provides great point of purchase appeal. To maximize shelf impact, Darigold chose to gravure print in 6 colors the labels for its French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavored Creamers. Randy Eronimous, Director of Marketing for Darigold states, “The overall look of the shrink labels provide excellent shelf presence that we believe will lead to increased sales.” The characteristics of the Pure Affinia ™ PETG film allows the sleeve to shrink around the contours of the bottle, allowing for a message around the neck and the entire container. The glossiness of the film enhances the high impact graphics on the 360-degree label allowing for ingredients, bar codes, promotional information and nutrition facts. Shrink and roll fed labels, tamper evident bands and heat shr

Sacmi Labelling at Coca-Cola Edmonton

Sacmi Labelling, part of Sacmi Beverage, the Sacmi Group Business Unit that is a specialist provider of complete bottling lines for water, soft drinks and beer, has recently tested at the Coca–Cola plant in Edmonton, UK. With two Opera 200 Roll Fed 18T S1/E1 labelling machines. The Opera 200 Roll Fed is an automatic rotary labelling machine designed to label PET bottles (2-litre bottles in this case) at output rates of up to 40,000 bottles per hour. Safe, reliable and user-friendly, the Opera Roll Fed can process cylindrical or shaped containers made of PET, glass or metal and can apply partial or wrap-around labels made of different materials. Featuring highly advanced technology, Opera Roll Fed machines have made Sacmi one of the world’s most renowned players in this field. Founded in January 2000, the company has, in just a few years, climbed to the top of the labelling machine market, becoming a leader not just in terms of innovation but also as regards volumes: the company no

New In Mould Label Films for Injection Moulding - RayoForm™

These new RayoForm™ IML products are manufactured using the proprietary ‘bubble’ production process which gives the film a balanced biaxial orientation and therefore broadly equal mechanical properties in the machine and transverse direction.  This, coupled with the high machine direction stiffness, when compared to Stenter produced films, gives specific advantages through both conversion and moulding operations. The use of speciality BOPP for IML continues to grow, being driven by several key advantages.  Firstly, it is possible for high resolution graphic labels to form an integral part of the container so preventing labels looking worn or unattractive during the life of the labelled component.  This makes the technique invaluable in harsh environments.  Secondly, the labelling operation is removed from the container filling process so simplifying factory logistics and reducing downtime.  The ability to cost effectively label five sides of pots and tubs in one application is an ad

RAKO also uses the Gallus RCS for offset printing

The RAKO GROUP is one of the largest and most modern adhesive label manufacturers in Europe. The group's workforce of 1’000 operate a total of 90 printing presses at a number of sites throughout Europe and Asia. For several years, RAKO has been using the Gallus RCS for flexographic printing, with great success. Now, the group's Ellerau site in Germany has commissioned RAKO's first Gallus RCS 430 with 8 offset printing units. Sustainable investment “The trend and technology cycles in the adhesive label sector are getting ever shorter. Change is now part of our daily routine and only those who can keep pace will be able to secure a successful market position. That's why we make sure our production systems and methods are always state of the art,” explains Rainer Bufe, Technical Director at the RAKO GROUP. A Gallus RCS 430 with 8 flexible offset printing units was recently installed at the Ellerau site, where it has since been used to produce high-quality adhesive la

Eastman Shrink Film Offers European Brands New Package Design and Marketing Opportunities

Full-body shrink film labels manufactured with Eastman Embrace™ LV copolyester, now available in Europe, enable brand owners to create differentiated package designs and explore enhanced marketing opportunities crucial to retaining brand loyalty. From a design perspective, Embrace™ LV delivers packaging with 360-degree graphics, a great opportunity to communicate brand value while also providing more printable space for EU-regulated product and packaging information. The film’s durability and toughness are married to the resin’s impressive ability to cover uniquely contoured and shaped bottles and jars, dramatically increasing the visual impact on consumers confronted with a dizzying array of both international brands and increasing private-label offerings. The Embrace™ family also provides unique marketing opportunities by allowing impactful statements and graphics on the shelf which seamlessly tie in to a brand’s larger advertising and marketing strategy. "Brand owners must