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RAKO also uses the Gallus RCS for offset printing

The RAKO GROUP is one of the largest and most modern adhesive label manufacturers in Europe.
The group's workforce of 1’000 operate a total of 90 printing presses at a number of sites throughout Europe and Asia. For several years, RAKO has been using the Gallus RCS for flexographic printing, with great success. Now, the group's Ellerau site in Germany has commissioned RAKO's first Gallus RCS 430 with 8 offset printing units.

Sustainable investment
“The trend and technology cycles in the adhesive label sector are getting ever shorter. Change is now part of our daily routine and only those who can keep pace will be able to secure a successful market position. That's why we make sure our production systems and methods are always state of the art,” explains Rainer Bufe, Technical Director at the RAKO GROUP.

A Gallus RCS 430 with 8 flexible offset printing units was recently installed at the Ellerau site, where it has since been used to produce high-quality adhesive labels on a daily basis. This exacting production process places a number of sophisticated requirements on the Gallus RCS 430. The professional production environment at the RAKO GROUP, which incorporates stringent hygiene guidelines and production controls, leaves little room for improvisation. “Reliability and availability are absolutely imperative for a printing press,” emphasises Frank Fischer, head of operations at the Ellerau site. “At the same time, a press has to be flexible enough so that it can be easily adjusted to cope with new production tasks as and when necessary.”
The Gallus RCS 430 meets these requirements in full. Its robust design combined with cutting-edge drive and control technology ensures optimum print quality and production reliability for the long term.
The modular concept of the Gallus RCS 430 with its changeable printing units means that flexibility is a given. Offset, flexographic and screen printing units and hot and cold foil embossing units can all be inserted into any position in a few simple steps, without needing to separate the web. Ergonomic design is another impressive feature of the Gallus RCS 430. The printers at RAKO would not be without the outstanding performance and accessibility of the Gallus RCS 430.

Perfect quality with impressive output
Although label printing is a highly dynamic business, there can be no skimping on quality. “The label is the face of a product, and there is no room for compromise,” points out Frank Fischer.
Yet even when quality requirements are high, the output of a press has to be right. To produce the right volumes in the right quality and on schedule, presses don't just need to deliver high print speeds and exceptionally smooth running, they also need to minimise make ready times. Thanks to servo direct drive technology, the offset printing unit developed in cooperation with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and a brand new type of control software, the Gallus RCS 430 can achieve above-average production speeds. What's more, the sturdy construction of the Gallus RCS 430 ensures it is extraordinarily smooth-running and delivers a unique level of process reliability even at these exceptional print speeds.
But that's not all – the Gallus RCS 430 also achieves rapid changeover times and produces low levels of paper waste. Thanks to consistent front loading for ease-of-use and integrated job data memory, changeover times can be significantly reduced. Servo motors integrated into the printing units ensure that print settings that have previously been stored can be recreated in a matter of seconds. The offset printing units of the Gallus RCS 430 are equipped with special colour management software and motorised ink ducts. These, together with register and web tension presetting, keep paper waste to a minimum.
“We are particularly pleased that the Gallus RCS 430 allows us to change offset printing plates in the press. This saves us a great deal of time,” explains Oliver Trapp, head of production at Ellerau.
“Similarly, the high running speed is remarkable. It saves us a large amount of time on longer runs and means we can handle far more jobs on this press compared to others,” he adds.
The printers are unanimous in their appreciation of the Gallus RCS 430: “The press supports an
astounding range of setting work, with the result it can be set up extremely quickly. The outstanding reliability of the press means that we can rely on consistent print quality and the control panel ensures we always have an overview of quality and progress throughout the printing process.”

Building on your own strengths
Ask Frank Fischer about the secret to RAKO's success and he smiles knowingly before explaining:
“Our strengths are our flexibility and close proximity to the customer. At our company, you quickly learn to take responsibility and answer for your work. That makes everything a great deal easier.” Tim Dannemann, who manages group-wide projects, sums up the company's success neatly: “The RAKO GROUP has built up specialist know-how over several years and is continually adding to this knowledge bank. We make sure that anything we learn at one site is actively passed on to other sites.
In this way, we are using the size of our company to great advantage.”
“However, in the current climate, the reliability that a partner can bring to the table is becoming ever
more important. We have got to know Gallus in various projects and our experience has been very
positive. We have come to know Gallus as an extremely reliable and flexible partner,” adds Rainer Bufe.

Gallus is proud that, through the Gallus RCS and its outstanding productivity, flexibility and quality, it has been able to contribute to the success of the RAKO GROUP.

The Gallus Group
The Gallus Group is one of the world’s leading partners for label printers. The Group develops and manufactures label printing machine systems at its headquarters in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and its development and production facility in Langgöns, Germany.
Wide-web rotary presses and die-cutters offer the folding carton sector a cost-effective means of producing folding cartons and card products inline.
Besides its portfolio of presses, the Group also supplies consumables and a global, decentralised service, spare parts network and advisory services on print and process engineering tasks.
Gallus and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, the global market leader in solutions for the print and media industry, have been working in partnership since 1999. Gallus has a workforce of
approximately 540. The Group is based in St. Gallen, Switzerland.