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The internet of labels. FINAT TECHNICAL SEMINAR 2018

THE INTERNET OF LABELS: F INAT  Technical Seminar 2018   The unusually extended supply chain for the self - adhesive label industry  always  makes the biennial FINAT Technica l Seminar an interesting event  in many ways.   It brings together a diverse community – all of whom have a strong interest in technical advances that will impact labelling and packaging. This year's event, held in Barcelona for the sixth time, was no exception.  Over two days, March 7-9, the seminar combined networking and exploring and evaluating the 'challenges in the label market' that constituted the event's chosen  agenda . Delegates – from across Europe and beyond --  met at the hotel on the first  evening  for cocktails around the  tabletop exhibition, followed by an informal  networking  dinner, and convened for the formal proceedings the following morning. Exploring the clouds… The seminar's keynote speaker, Andy  Hobsbawm  (UK) , co-founder and CMO of leading Inte rnet of Things smar

Safety labels va Signs: What’s the difference

By  Kelsey Rzepecki The accurate interpretation of safety signs is crucial to prevent injuries and save lives. OSHA has set industry standards that clearly define what a safety sign is, how it should be used, and where it should be placed. However, when it comes to deciding whether to use a sign or a label to convey a message, OSHA leaves that part up to you. Every facility will have different priorities and constraints when it comes to choosing safety labels and signs. It may often require experimentation with different kinds of materials and designs to determine what is most effective, but these basic definitions apply: •  Safety labels  are most commonly made of an adhesive backed vinyl material to apply directly to a surface •  Safety signs  are constructed from a hard backed material designed to attach to walls, doors, fencing, and more These definitions are not set in stone. To help choose between a safety label  or  safety sign, get a breakdown of the most important factors to c

UPM Raflatac announces clear-on-clear and solid white label materials to join PP Lite sustainable range

    UPM Raflatac announces clear-on-clear and solid white label materials to join PP Lite sustainable range   (UPM Raflatac, Helsinki, 6 April 2018 at 10:00 EET) - UPM Raflatac has further expanded its PP Lite range of labeling solutions for the European market with the introduction of two new products, clear-on-clear PP FTC Lite and PP Solid White FTC Lite . The PP Lite range helps brands achieve their sustainability targets with lightweight, eco-designed face materials, adhesives, and backing materials.     Products in the PP Lite range combine a lighter face material, a lower coat-weight adhesive, and a lighter backing. This makes them incredibly lightweight overall, optimizes raw material use, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, energy an