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DPM® Aply™ 1000

Bubbling is just one aesthetics issue that OEMs have to consider when it comes to brand logos and warning labels on outdoor power equipment. Such markings must retain their legibility and graphic quality, and remain securely in place, throughout the useful life of the equipment. Any blemish can mar consumer perception of quality and expose OEMs to liability if a warning label becomes unreadable.
With a 5-year outdoor durability, DPM® Aply™ 1000 is a specially-engineered white opaque film that facilitates bubble-free label graphics. As a VBS Supreme product, DPM® Aply™ 1000’s rigidity offers fast and easy label application, and this conformable film is ideal for flat or semi-compound curved surfaces. It is easy to handle to provide a greater ability to rework the label. The excellent surface smoothness provides superior print quality. The print-receptive surface is compatible with most conventional and UV ink systems. We recommend evaluating the intended ink system for compatibility with the product under the application conditions. DPM® Aply™ 1000’s premium, permanent adhesive bonds well to low- and high-surface energy plastics, painted metal, powder coated paint, polycarbonate and fiberglass. The film is backed with a layflat moisture stable polycoated release liner ideal for sheet-form converting.

Source: Flexcon