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Stute is modernising its bottling operations

The food and beverage specialists Stute Nahrungsmittelwerke in Paderborn, Germany, rank among of Europe’s leading producers of dealer’s brands for soft drinks and sweet breakfast products. Their range of beverages includes classic varieties like fruit juices, ice tea and lemonades, plus innovative wellness products. Juice compositions and water enriched with mineral and vitamin additives.
Stute is investing purposefully in state-of-the-art technology, so as to ensure particularly gentle filling of the beverages concerned. This is why the client is currently commissioning an aseptic bottling line from Krones. The PET-Asept line has been designed for an output of 32,400 0.5-litre or 20,000 1,5-litre containers, and is suitable for bottling both still and carbonated beverages. It utilises the classical wet-aseptic process featuring peracetic acid. The PET-Asept line will be validated in the early summer of this year.
As a follow-up order, Stute has asked Krones to supply two blow-moulder/filler monoblocs. Krones is also talking to Stute about more lines, to optimise the client’s process-engineering and hygiene capabilities still further.
Source:  Krones