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Grahams sleeve a bunch of Roses

Artform International Ltd, the ground-breaking Point-of-Purchase design and manufacturing company of Loughborough, called on Grahams to supply a sleeve and shrink system for the application of highly decorative sleeves to tubs of Cadbury’s Roses and Cadbury’s Miniature Heroes.

With knowledge of Grahams experience of wide web technology and accurate placement expertise, Artform asked the Grahams technical team to work closely with them to mechanise what was, at that time, manual application of the Cadbury sleeves.

Auto apply of the 4 large, varying shaped containers (ranging from a 650g PP rectangular, to 850g & 1.2Kg PS tapered ‘D’ shapes, to a 900g PS oval shape) is by a Graham’s RF120w sleeve applicator. It is fitted with a space saving front loaded material spool and a 300mm wide cutter to handle the various sized sleeves ranging up to 250mm diameter. The containers are mounted inverted onto plastic bases, which aids accuracy of sleeve placement also allowing the sleeve to be shrunk under the base of the tub. The full colour sleeves are then steam shrunk for the most consistent low distortion result. Grahams unique Band Locking feature is also incorporated to prevent the sleeve from lifting when being shrunk.

Artform’s Operations spokesman says, “From previous experience, we knew that Grahams were technically competent. The installation of the RF120w created a major productivity improvement that exceeded our planned expectation. The after-sales care was also excellent”.

Source:  Graham Labelling & Sleeving