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A new standard in high temperature bioplastics

Biome Bioplastics Limited is proud to announce the launch of an exciting development in the field of bioplastics.
BiomeHT 90 is the first of a new range of high temperature bioplastics that will provide significant benefits over existing alternatives within the market. This new bioplastic is in a class of its own and offers, for the first time, the ability for bioplastics to be used in higher temperature applications due to its superior temperature performance and greater rigidity.
This breakthrough in the bioplastics sector opens the market to a multitude of new possibilities and applications that have not been able to benefit from the environmental properties of bioplastics in the past.
With a softening point of greater than 90OC, in both dry and wet conditions, BiomeHT 90 exceeds the performance of alternative bioplastic products by 20-30OC; a breakthrough for high temperature applications.
BiomeHT 90 has been tested in injection mouldings and sheet/thermoforming applications with superb results, offering wide and varied opportunities for use in many sectors and products, whilst also retaining the environmental credentials associated with Biome Bioplastics. BiomeHT 90 is made from predominantly renewable resources and is fully recyclable, providing for lower lifecycle costings and excellent end-of-life credentials. 
In addition, the mechanical properties have also been improved to provide stiffer and stronger mouldings, which are now similar, if not better, than the Biome product Bioplast GS 2189 which, in its own right, out performs other bioplastics.
This pioneering innovation changes the face of the bioplastics sector, providing opportunities for the use of environmentally friendly plastic products in a wide range of new applications. BiomeHT 90 is ideal for use in cutlery and plates for hot food applications, thermoformed cups and lids, hot and warm fill packaging, medical instruments that require sterilisation, cooking accessories, baby bottles, casings for consumer electronics and automotive components, to mention just a few.
Paul Law, Managing Director, Biome Bioplastics Limited, commented, ‘This is a major breakthrough in the development of bioplastics and I thank my dedicated research team for their work in developing this outstanding product that will change the face of bioplastics.’
‘This has considerably expanded the possible applications for bioplastics and opens new markets and products to the opportunity of using a product with exceptional environmental credentials.’