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Sacmi Labelling at Coca-Cola Edmonton

Sacmi Labelling, part of Sacmi Beverage, the Sacmi Group Business Unit that is a specialist provider of complete bottling lines for water, soft drinks and beer, has recently tested at the Coca–Cola plant in Edmonton, UK. With two Opera 200 Roll Fed 18T S1/E1 labelling machines.

The Opera 200 Roll Fed is an automatic rotary labelling machine designed to label PET bottles (2-litre bottles in this case) at output rates of up to 40,000 bottles per hour. Safe, reliable and user-friendly, the Opera Roll Fed can process cylindrical or shaped containers made of PET, glass or metal and can apply partial or wrap-around labels made of different materials.

Featuring highly advanced technology, Opera Roll Fed machines have made Sacmi one of the world’s most renowned players in this field.
Founded in January 2000, the company has, in just a few years, climbed to the top of the labelling machine market, becoming a leader not just in terms of innovation but also as regards volumes: the company now employs 200 people and in 2009 generated a turnover of 40 million Euros. Sacmi Labelling produces a comprehensive range of labellers: self-adhesive, modular, combi, roll fed sleeve technology, cold glue and hot melt. Its renown on the bottling market stems from the simple fact that Roll Fed labelling machines are now used all over the world; the machines have proved so popular, in fact, that the competition often integrates this type of labeller into complete lines!

Opera Roll Fed machines offer several advantages. The labelling station has two independent roll supports, each with a film tension control device and an automatic correction system that ensures vertical positioning. A servomotor fitted on the film traction roller adjusts the feed rate.
The labelling unit has no complicated grippers: transfer of the label from roll to bottle is achieved using vacuum technology, thus making the labelling process less critical.
Easy to manage and extremely low-maintenance, the machine can be equipped with an automatic roll splicing system for continuous operation.

At the Coca-Cola Edmonton plant two identical labelling machines have been installed to label 2-litre PET bottles with plastic film wrap-around labels at an output rate of 40,000 bph.

Coca-Cola Edmonton is a key reference point for the Beverage world.
It is one of seven production plants in the UK belonging to Coca-Cola Enterprise Ltd, the largest producer of Coca-Cola products outside the USA.
With 4,650 employees, 7 production plants and 8 distribution centres it produces, in fact, around 260 million packs of Coca–Cola every year – a staggering 650,000 a day.
In the UK the product portfolio includes sparkling soft drinks such as classic Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Oasis and other still fruit juices, isotonic drinks like Powered and Abbey Well Water. For the UK market, however, it also produces and distributes Schweppes, Appletiser, Monster and Capri Sun.

The Edmonton plant first became operational in 1975. It has 6 complete production lines which produce both small and large Coca–Cola product formats. Distribution takes place at both Edmonton and Enfield, north of London.

The Edmonton staff are highly satisfied with both machine performance and the level of service provided during the design and installation stages, completed jointly with the support of local service.