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New In Mould Label Films for Injection Moulding - RayoForm™

These new RayoForm™ IML products are manufactured using the proprietary ‘bubble’ production process which gives the film a balanced biaxial orientation and therefore broadly equal mechanical properties in the machine and transverse direction.  This, coupled with the high machine direction stiffness, when compared to Stenter produced films, gives specific advantages through both conversion and moulding operations.

The use of speciality BOPP for IML continues to grow, being driven by several key advantages.  Firstly, it is possible for high resolution graphic labels to form an integral part of the container so preventing labels looking worn or unattractive during the life of the labelled component.  This makes the technique invaluable in harsh environments.  Secondly, the labelling operation is removed from the container filling process so simplifying factory logistics and reducing downtime.  The ability to cost effectively label five sides of pots and tubs in one application is an additional advantage.

RayoForm™ IW, a solid white film, is designed to give a gloss effect on containers after moulding.  Available in thicknesses of 58 and 72µm, RayoForm™ IW enables downgauging from cast polypropylene and also offers a more robust performance during both the printing and moulding processes.  The high stiffness of the ‘bubble’ film lends itself to labelling larger containers such as 5-20 litre buckets.  The surfaces of RayoForm™ IW have been optimised for superior sheet fed offset printing.

A clear version of RayoForm™ is also available – RayoForm™ IC.

Further developments for the IML market by Innovia Films also include cavitated products which exhibit the orange peel effect after moulding; films for blow moulding applications and high gas barrier films aimed at extending the shelf life of certain food products such as soft cheeses.

Steve Langstaff, Product Manager BOPP says:

RayoForm™ IML films for injection moulding is a new area for Innovia Films, but we believe that our production process offers some real benefits throughout the supply chain.  Our ability to produce stiff, thick, solid BOPP is practically unique and coupled with our coating expertise allows us to grow our existing product range in the IML field.

SOURCE:  Innovia Films