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European Bioplastics announces 5th European Bioplastics Conference

European Bioplastics, the association of the bioplastics industry in Europe, announces the 5th European Bioplastics Conference. The event will take place on 1/2 December 2010, at the Hilton Hotel in Düsseldorf.
The market for bioplastics is growing steadily. Already today, bioplastics can be used in a variety of applications from film, to packaging and durable consumer goods. Bioplastics are found in cell phones, automobiles, toys, medical equipment and textiles, just to name a few. New fields of application are conquered permanently.
The 5th European Bioplastics Conference, the leading business event in the expanding market of bioplastics, will present the latest technological and market developments. Visitors can expect excellent networking opportunities and a product exhibition of the latest innovations.
Last year 27 exhibitors made the 4th European Bioplastics Conference the most successful international event in the bioplastics sector. 78% of the attendants came from Europe, followed by 16% from Asia and 5% from America.