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Evolve opts for Promens’ AirFree Vinci bottle

British eco-beauty brand evolve has adopted Promens’ Green AirFreeVinci bottle for use in its product range.

The use of post consumer recycled polyethylene material (PE PCR) has until now been difficult to use in the cosmetic industry because of the problematic odour migration from raw material into the formula. With the AirFree system Promens provides a solution and proposes a multi-layers co-extruded bottle. The external layer is recycled PE and represents 70% to 85% of the total raw material weight of the bottle. The internal multi layer pouch (non recycled PE) contains a barrier material that blocks all odour migration and also protects the integrity of the formula that is in contact with virgin PE.
This development is very important for sustainability of non-renewable resources.
In terms of the process, the Airfree technology is environmental friendly. The production is one single operation: there are no moving parts and no assembly. The blow moulding process is a closed loop for minimal waste.
For the consumer, there is also the environmental advantage of not needing propellant gases to work with AirFree. Also, AirFree presents numerous advantages to the market. It can be used in any position (e.g. upside-down), it provides highly effective evacuation of the formula and offers virtually unlimited freedom of shape of the container shape.

Green AirFree is consequently a totally appropriate solution for evolve brand that wants to propose a global organic concept: the formula and the green packaging
evolve is a British eco smart range of beautiful, effective, certified organic beauty products for face, body and hair. evolve products only use eco friendly packaging made from recycled and recyclable raw material. The Green AirFree Vinci bottle completely meets these expectations: 85% of the bottle is made in recycled PE, that is to say the entire external layer.
Certified organic by ECOCERT, the range (launched in UK in October 2009) is based on the principal that whatever goes on the skin should be good enough to eat. The products are free from nasties, which means that the consumers are safe from the harmful effects of parabens, sulphates, silicones, etc. The AirFree system guarantees protection against oxygen before and after use: the formulation has no contact with air and the evolve preservative-free cream is totally protected from contamination.
evolve range has been created to make healthy green living easier: evolve is eco friendly, effective, and affordable. That’s why the unique Green AirFree system was chosen: it presents a cost advantage over other airless packs.

Source: Promens