Friday, November 30, 2012

PE Labellers - THE 2012 EMBALLAGE TRADE FAIR: NEW INNOVATING FEATURES IN LABELLING!An edition that bore witness, in addition to the strong presence of French visitors, to a remarkable turnout in terms of international customers, particularly coming from North Africa. Numerous multi-national enterprises also took the opportunity to visit one of Europe's main trade fairs in the Packaging industry. The main sectors involved in this event were: wine, beverages, cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals.


P.E. LABELLERS and OMME FRANCE attended the event thrilling everyone with this year's novelties of the P.E. Group. This year's landmarks included the opening of the new P.E. MAGHREB headquarters in Algeria, inaugurated in April and now presented to the French market, the presentation of the “Packlab” EASY model, the new self-adhesive linear labelling machine, and the showcasing of the two versions of the “Modular” model of the P.E. LABELLERS rotary labelling machine: one, the top version for high speed operations with interchangeable labelling conveyors and stations, and the other for low speed operations, in the fully adhesive version with servo-motor driven rotating plates, which allows to be easily changed at any time according to marketing needs. In a nutshell, in Paris P.E. LABELLERS has unveiled only novelties and innovations.

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