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Atlantic Zeiser at Emballage 2012: Focus on product protection and optimized production management

To counteract strong growth product piracy, Atlantic Zeiser will show scalable software solutions with PMP as well as specified Track+Trace coding units for pharma and cosmetics industries at Emballage.

Product tracing, combating counterfeiting and grey market protection will be the core focus for Atlantic Zeiser at Emballage, from 19 to 22 November 2012 in Paris. In hall 4 at booth D131 the leading supplier of industrial solutions for product identification will demonstrate its latest anti-counterfeiting solutions for variable coding, serializing and printing of packaging products as well as booklet lables. In particular the Track+Trace module as well as the PMP (Production Management Platform) software solution will offer maximum flexibility to combat product falsification and counteract product piracy.



Applications for packaging solutions, especially those in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, will benefit from the new Atlantic Zeiser range. It provides complete product tracking and transparency throughout the entire production workflow, distribution and return processes with sophisticated auditing and reporting tools that follow stringent security rules. The packaging carries not only information, but also various codes and other features of branded products.

The urgent need for anti-counterfeiting solutions

Track & Trace integrates easily into a new or existing production line enabling the inclusion of all standard product tracking codes on booklet labels or packaging. The codes include all types of numeric codes, and 1-D and 2-D barcodes (Datamatrix), which are used to check the legitimacy of the packaging and product online. Using the PMP software solution the printing house can handle the different codes for various countries to meet individual legal requirements in parallel ensuring reliable compliance each time.

Track & Trace includes an optical checking system. In a quick single step cameras automatically read and verify the selected layout and check the digits. And the solution affords users maximum flexibility when it comes to late-stage customization. If the check code does not match the reference data, the module rejects the packaging.


typical verification scenario

PMP provides secure interfaces for the actual verification processes that permit the transmission of exported product codes via various media (e.g. secure Internet connection / dedicated line, GSM, etc.). The module verifies that the codes received are genuine, and returns the result immediately. The data transfers are securely encrypted and carried out in real time. Modern media such as smartphones can also be used and the verification processes can be initiated from any location.

Grey market products to damage economy

Grey market products cost the cosmetics industry millions. They may reduce the credibility of, and inflict long-term damage to, a brand reputation built up over a period of many years. When branded products enter a parallel trade, they can be sold by discount retailers at significantly reduced prices. They create undesirable competition for premium sales channels established through major investment, and start to erode brand value.

In the case of pharmaceutical products, the primary concern is the potentially serious health consequences for patients. Consumers believe they are buying a genuine product, but if it is a counterfeit, they cannot be sure of its effectiveness or what it contains. To tell a genuine product from a fake, you need reliable verification features on the packaging that guarantee a product is genuine. PMP uses interfaces to access the relevant data and makes them available as required in real time during the individual process stages for seamless checking. PMP also offers individual reports and audit functions and comes with a built-in random number generator to create unique product ID codes that can be checked during shipping and at the point of sale. As pharmaceutical manufacturers operate on a global scale, they are required to comply with a variety of coding specifications in different countries. PMP provides the optimum database application for complex code management, allowing the user to generate, manage, verify and track different codes depending on the country and region.

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