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The restyling of the corporate identity of P.E. LABELLERS continues

pe-labellers-portale After having totally renewed the company profile and the image of advertising campaigns, we are now ready to be on-line on the new internet portal of P.E. LABELLERS.

The website is completely renewed not only in its graphics features, but also in the technological ones: behind the scenes, a long programming aimed to enrich your browsing and making the consultation functions for businesses and customers easier, even via tablets and Smartphones.

The portal now features new sections, including one dedicated to the catalogue which, through a configurator, will allow choosing the machinery that best suits your needs.

The catalogue is easily accessible through three search criteria: PRODUCT SECTOR (beverages, wine and spirits, food, cosmetics/personal care, chemical, pharmaceutical, pet food, packaging); APPLICATION (partial labels, wrap-around labels, seals, special applications); TECHNOLOGY (cold glue, hot glue, self-adhesive, roll-fed, mixed).

But here is another section for choosing labelling machines: the P.E.STORE. Requesting a quote for second-hand machines, revamped ones and put up for sale in "guaranteed second-hand, turnkey" or simply "sold as seen" formulas at very convenient prices, has never been so easy!

Another revolution of the new portal is on communication: we will publish updates on major trade fairs around the world, and much more, on a regular basis through the news section.

The website is now integrated with all social contacts: we're making our way in the leading social media starting from Facebook. We are also on Twitter, Google + and Youtube to make communication with those who follow us more smart and immediate.