Husky's HyPAC injection molding machine with an in-mold labeling system runs 2.9 second cycles at K2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. today announced that its HyPAC machine with an in-mold labeling (IML) system is capable of achieving 2.9 second cycle times running a 250 gram rectangular container in a 4-cavity mold. The packaging workcell will be running at the Husky booth (Hall 13, Booth A59) throughout K2007. It consists of a Husky HyPAC, a Müller mold and in-mold labeling robotics, Borealis BJ356MO 100 MFR block copolymer polypropylene and 70µ orange peel labels from Printing Company Verstraete.

“The HyPAC-based IML system features 10% lower part weight and 10% faster cycle times than the current industry standard,” said Jim Overbeeke, Husky’s Business Manager, Packaging. “Superior melt stream control and complete system integration, with Polaris Control, ensures that the workcell achieves the industry’s highest levels of productivity.”

The HyPAC machine, working in harmony with Müller’s IML system, features Husky’s Ultra Packaging (UP) 4-drop valve gate hot runner with UltraGuide technology. This technology is essential for managing HyPAC’s performance and maintaining high quality gates at less than three second cycles.

The IML system possesses unparalleled speed and control. “The speed, power and accuracy of the HyPAC platform allowed us to realize our part weight and cycle time goals,” said Udo Gröber, Managing Director and CEO of Müller.

By working with leading industry partners, Husky is able to deliver the lowest part cost and highest part quality. “The success of HyPAC has allowed us to take a step closer to the economics of thermoforming,” said Morten Augestad, Application Marketing Manager at Borealis.

“The teamwork and know-how of all parties involved in the development of this system allowed for the equipment performance advantages achieved,” said Dieter Maes, Key Account Manager, Printing Company Verstraete.
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