Isklar Norwegian Glacial Natural Mineral Water Launches in the UK

Thursday, April 17, 2008

In April 2008, Isklar, a premium still Norwegian Glacial Natural Mineral Water will make waves when it breaks into the UK market. The launch is the result of a close collaboration between Isklar and Sidel, one of the world’s leading suppliers of beverage packaging equipment.

The strong partnership was born when Isklar asked Sidel to conduct an engineering study from line layout to piping and electrical specifications. Delivered in late 2007, the line began production in February 2008 to fill the first product orders in March 2008. Isklar’s CEO, Peter Krogh comments, “We had complete confidence in Sidel’s experience, the quality of its equipment, and its ability to supply complex line solutions.”

With a layout covering two floors, the line will initially produce still water at a rate of 36,000 bph. The line’s versatile Combi 20 Select BV will also accommodate sparkling water products. “The Combi is a unique product, and Sidel is quite adept at this technology,” adds Krogh. The Rollquattro labeler is another key component of the line and can apply both adhesive and band labels.

Meaning simply ‘ice-clear’ in Norwegian, Isklar remains untouched by human intervention as it emerges from a mountain spring, deep underneath the glacier. The glacier, the source of Isklar, sits between two national parks in the pristine Hardanger region of Norway, the second least polluted country after Finland. Peter Krogh says, “This uniquely filtered premium water, with no additives or processing, is captured at the source of 6,000-year-old glaciers. This “ice clear” purity literally lends the water its name: Isklar.”

The exceptional Isklar bottle, inspired by the diamond like qualities of a glacier, mirrors nature by refracting light through its facets. The bottle’s multifaceted shape demanded Sidel’s know-how in design, blow molding and labeling. “Sidel played a major role in validating this bottle’s technical performance and in guaranteeing the bottle’s mass production at high speeds,” says Krogh.

Isklar believes that exceptional purity should not cost the earth and is committed to being the most environmentally responsible mainstream water brand in Europe. The bottle is made from recyclable PET and the state-of-the-art Group recycling facilities ensure that Isklar has the capacity of re-processing 700 million bottles p.a. (PET equivalent), the equivalent of recycling 10 bottles for every one sold. The Isklar bottling plant is powered by hydro-electricity and was created by ‘recycling’ an existing empty warehouse incorporating energy-efficient practices and state-of-the-art equipment. The plant is located directly next to the Hardangerfjord, so bottles can be loaded straight onto a container ship and their carbon footprint is minimised further by piggy-backing off existing shipping routes, adding minimum extra weight to the load.

Isklar will be available in a variety of bottle and pack sizes. Included in the range will be:

· a 1.5 L bottle (available in singles and multi-packs of 6)

· a 500 ml bottle (available in singles and multi-packs of 6)

· a 700 ml sports bottle, and

· a 250 ml kid’s bottle (available in a multi-pack of 6).

About Isklar

Isklar AS has been formed to market Isklar Norwegian Glacial Mineral Water. The business has been built from first principles with the aim of making Isklar a major global brand.

The project is backed by a multi-million pound investment by Sabco (an Omani company and owner of the Middle East’s premier water brand) and Jova Holdings, whose owners are also involved in a major Norwegian shipping and logistics company. The project is also supported by the Norwegian government and innovation Norway.

Today, Isklar is Norway’s largest mineral water bottling plant.
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