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Goldcrest Labels: MemoryTab label Keeps the Customers Coming back for more!

Makers of fine English wines, Bookers Vineyard were conscious of the need to encourage repeat sales and turned to self-adhesive label specialists Goldcrest for ideas.

"I'm sure we've all been there," said Samantha Linter of Bookers Vineyard, "looking at the shelves full of different wines, trying to remember the name of that wine, the one we tried and really liked."
"Bookers Vineyard wanted a way to ensure that when our wine was enjoyed, the customer could find us again. Goldcrest labels gave us a simple but effective way of keeping out product in the memory."

By providing a perforated tab to the back label on each bottle, giving wine details and promoting the Bookers Vineyards brand, Goldcrest were able to give the consumer an easy way to remember a fine wine. Once removed, the tab can be kept as a reference for future purchases. Bookers Vineyards found that the MemoryTab has put their product in the prime position for the repeat sale.

The MemoryTab does not have to be used just for follow up sales, but could be adapted for promotional needs without any extra labels, sleeves or booklets and with no additional costly labelling equipment. What is more, the label can be applied to most products.