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Market leader Beiersdorf has opted for Sacmi Packaging

BDF NIVEA SA, part of the international group BIERSDORF based in Germany, manufactures and markets a wide range of products for skin care, which do not need any further presentation.

Nivea, with its Spanish subsidiary based in the outskirts of Madrid, has opted for SACMI GROUP for providing two complete packaging and palletizing lines for its range of sun tanning cream bottles. Each packaging line, which ensures high efficiency, is made up of a high speed cartoning machine (model EC40), a pick-and-place robot (model CR25) and a robotized pallet system.

These machines, supplied by Sacmi Packaging (brand Inpak), guarantee BDF NIVEA SA (client of Sacmi for a wide variety of supplies since 1996) a notable increase in productivity .The “Tres Cantos” plant of Madrid has also been redesigned. This has involved re-styling the existent processing lines and replacing obsolete machines with those in the forefront of the latest technology