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New Innoket 360 Labeler

With the Innoket 360, KHS AG is presenting a new generation of roll-fed labelers. In addition to process quality, reliability and energy efficiency, the focus was above all on user friendliness during the approx. one and a half year-development and test work. The result is a premium product with a completely ergonomic and cleaning-friendly, hygienic design on which all machine parts are easily accessible for operators and changeover and maintenance times are reduced to a minimum. Significant innovations are cutting technology with self-sharpening cutter, segmented vacuum drum and a gluing system based on the principle of induction. First reference customers, such as the Heil- und Mineralquellen Germete GmbH (spa and mineral springs) are extremely happy. Since the beginning of August 2008, the Innoket 360 has labeled more than 20 million bottles at this long-established company in Warburg. Franz-Josef Hügel, Technical Manager at the Heil- und Mineralquellen Germete GmbH, confirms that “the Innoket 360 is keeping all promises. The machine is running reliably, the machine operators are thrilled with how easy the machine is to operate, changeover procedures can be carried out quickly and easily and labeling quality is of the highest standard”.

Technical innovations for more operator convenience and more efficiency

User friendliness can always be equated with increasing efficiency thanks to shorter changeover and maintenance times and longer maintenance intervals. For example, only maintenance-free bearings have been used in the Innoket 360. There are no grease fittings in this machine. The labeling station can be swiveled out to perform mismatch corrections during the ongoing production process.

The new vacuum drum, for example, ensures simple, rapid changeover procedures. This drum has been segmented, thus reducing the handling weight from 22 to six kilograms. The new cutting unit also makes the Innoket 360 stand out considerably from the competition. Here, the highlight is the self-sharpening cutter. Even if inexperienced operators make excessive adjustments, production will continue because the cutter automatically sharpens itself. Functional stability and permanently precise cutting are therefore guaranteed. The cutting units are housed in warp-resistant cast iron frames. Operators can reliably perform changeover procedures on the machine in a few minutes with only a few turns.

Glue tank and gluing roller have been energy-efficiently designed as a complete system. For example, the gluing roller uses induction heating with sensors in the roller shell. This enables very precise temperature regulation with deviations of only ± 0.7°C. The result is excellent glue bonding quality thanks to minimum glue soiling.

The Innoket 360 has a modular design for the medium- and high-capacity ranges (up to 50,000 bph) and is available in three different versions (GT, PT, KT as well as with clockwise or counterclockwise running direction).

Innoket 360 - Highlights and technical innovations at a glance

• Ergonomic design and good access in all areas
• Segmented vacuum drum for simple, rapid changeover (patent pending)
• Modular replaceable cutting unit with self-sharpening cutters
• Innovative gluing system for precise and efficient gluing
• Mismatch correction during ongoing operation
• New autosplice system without vacuum with high splice speed
• Tried-and-tested, quiet and wear-resistant belt technology
• Replaceable bottle plates with magnetic fixing
• Maintenance-free bearings (no grease fittings)
• Capacity: 50,000 bph