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Schreiner ProTech today announced it is applying a revolutionary laser technology-based manufacturing process to the production of automotive airbag wraps, improving airbag reliability and production efficiency.

To ensure the reliable deployment of side and head airbags in case of an accident, even years after installation in an automobile, airbags are covered by special wraps. Airbag wraps have to meet exacting safety specifications and the production of these covers, particularly sewing the continuous non-woven material to create a sleeve-type wrap, has historically been a time-consuming process involving several process steps.

Schreiner ProTech is applying its vast experience in sealing and manufacturing technology to the production of airbag wraps, giving automotive airbag manufacturers the option of producing wraps in two possible forms depending on their existing assembly process. Through a continuous, high-speed process, Schreiner prints the non-woven cover material, cuts it to size using a laser, and then either folds the material and laser-welds the wrap, or laminates a self-adhesive strip to the “open” stock. The “open” stock version is then converted into a closed wrap during the customer’s assembly process where the material is bonded by means of the self-adhesive strip. Schreiner’s comprehensive, forward-thinking airbag wrap solutions deliver maximum process reliability and cost efficiency.

An additional benefit to automotive customers is the use of laser technology enables the definition of any desired cutting or welding contour. This means that very complex geometries and customer-specific processing requirements can be implemented quickly and flexibly without additional tooling costs. To fully meet the individual process and production needs of its customers, Schreiner’s technology can be tailored to fit specific, safety-relevant parameters as needed, such as process-monitoring of critical dimensions and break-open forces of the wrap tear seams, ensuring reliable production results at the highest level of quality.

“Schreiner ProTech has a longstanding history of providing innovative and cost-effective manufacturing and labeling solutions to the automotive and industrial manufacturing industries,” said Steve Pasbjerg, Officer and Director of Sales for Schreiner ProTech North America. “The unique laser technology we applied to airbag wraps has useful applications in any product manufacturing where continuous sheets or non-woven materials are cut to size and processed.“

About Schreiner ProTech

As a certified systems supplier and development partner, the Schreiner High-Tech Group designs intelligent solutions in seven specialized divisions. Schreiner ProTech’s objective of “making industrial labelling and manufacturing processes more efficient and leaner” is pursued through the development of innovative, increasingly intelligent functional films for engineering industries. The company’s research and development in this area ranges from adhesion and film technologies as well as laser and membrane applications all the way to Printed Electronics. Schreiner ProTech offers its customers comprehensive turnkey solutions – from special labels, printers and scanners to software and complete system connectivity.
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