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Spartanics-Systec Fineprint Flatbed Screen Printing Line Introduced to label and Packaging Industry

Spartanics-Systec Fineprint Flatbed Screen Printing Line, designed for unprecedented throughput in roll-to-roll screen printing technology used for printing UV and chemical resistant labels, high-end cosmetics labels, transfers for printing packaging and other label/packaging applications is now available from the Spartanics-Systec partnership.

Distinguished by fully electronic controls that eliminate time-consuming manual adjustments, the Spartanics-Systec Fineprint Flatbed Screen Printing Line is custom-configured to dimensions that will allow optimized print formats for faster throughput—for the smallest print layouts to the largest-- even with jobs as large as 80” x 165” (2032 mm x 4191 mm).

Some of the other unique Fineprint Flatbed Screen Printing Line features include:

-Synchronized vacuum release on printing table to speed throughput of large format jobs.

-Job set-up in just a few keystrokes and storage of job parameters for up to 2500 separate jobs.

-High precision servo drive motor for squeegee assembly delivering unsurpassed quality for small-sized images with only 0.04” (1.016 mm) gap between first and second prints.

-Unique screen holder design with less than 1 mm distance between the screen and printing table for very high quality in challenging applications.

Tom O’Hara, Spartanics President and spokesman for the Spartanics-Systec partnership that developed the Fineprint Flatbed technology comments, “We’ve brought the advantages of the digital age to bear on screen printing throughput in a way that has never been done before. The advanced algorithms in the Fineprint Flatbed systems’ software controls and their innovative redesign of squeegee assemblies and screen holders not only precisely register the material positioning but also automatically compensate for screen stretch. The days of operators needing to look at every single print are a thing of the past.”

Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA-headquartered Spartanics ( manufactures best-in-class technology for both tool-free (laser-based), steel rule die, and male/female hard tool cutting systems, among other equipment for finishing products made from flat stock materials, and in conjunction with Systec also manufactures screen printing systems. Its worldwide service organization uses state-of-the-art virtual service technician technology and also maintains offices and spare parts in Europe.

Systec GmbH ( was established in 2007 as a screen printing manufacturing firm from a prior technical service and sales company TSI founded in 1993.

To place orders or for other Spartanics/Systec product inquiries, please contact Scott Edwards, Sales Administrator, Spartanics, + (847) 394 5700, FAX + (847) 394 0409, .