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Colortrend Returns to RPC for Labelling Capabilities

Following the successful rebranding in 2006 of the Colortrend paint range using in-mould labelled (IML) pails from RPC Containers Oakham, the company has selected the same combination of container and label for two new product ranges. At the same time, a third range has been repackaged in the same container using distinctive post-adhesive label designs.

One of Ireland’s leading independent paint manufacturers, the company has launched its new Colortrend easi-prep and Colortrend Woodcare ranges to expand its product portfolio. Colortrend easi-prep comprises four water-based primers for walls, wood and metals, under the slogan, “A great result depends on a great start!” Colortrend Woodcare features five coating types, including wood stain, satin finish and platinum varnish.

Like the earlier rebranding of its core brand, Colortrend required attractive designs that are devised to enhance consumer appeal and present a consistent quality image. RPC Oakham’s expertise in IML decoration has again been utilised to add full-colour graphics onto its S Range injection-moulded containers for a high-quality finish. Colortrend easi-prep features colourful lettering on a grey background, while the Colortrend Woodcare range benefits from gold and red family branding across all five products.

The S Range container is also being used by Colortrend for its Select Collection, a beautiful range of 28 contemporary shades of ready-to-wear colour for home use. To enhance the premium nature of Colortrend Select, a metallised label has been selected, which RPC Oakham applies after manufacture.

“We are passionate about giving our brands the best possible profile in-store, and distinctive packaging is essential,” explains Wendy Shaw of Colortrend. “The excellent functionality of RPC Oakham’s S range container has been underlined by the company’s capabilities in getting the most out of both in-mould and post-mould labelling processes.”