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The In-Mold Decorating Association proudly has announced the winners of its
Second Annual Awards Competition.
The 2008 IMDA Awards Competition recognizes the industry’s best in-mold
labeled packaging and in-mold decorated durable products. The winning entries
were chosen based on creativity in design, engineering and innovation. The
winners of the 2008 IMDA Awards are:

􀂃 Best Part Design – Aspasie IML (Canada) for Swatch Buttons
􀂃 Best Thin Wall Packaging – North America IML Containers (Canada)for Chapman’s yogurtPlus
􀂃 Best Injection Mold Part – Polisport (Portugal) for Dirt Bike Spoilers
􀂃 Best Blow Mold Part – Viappinai Printing (Italy) for Seven Powers Perfume bottle
􀂃 Best IMD Durable Product – IGH Solutions (USA) for Nescafé Lenticular Cup
􀂃 Best Label Design – Spies Kunststoffe GmbH (Germany) for Mövenpick Schätze der Welt
􀂃 Label Design, Honorable Mention – Ropak Packaging (USA) for Preen Garden Weed preventer
􀂃 Best Product Family – Smyth Companies/Technimark (USA) for P&G Olay Skin Care Products
􀂃 Product Family, Honorable Mention – Gateway Plastics (USA) for Maxx Scoop Litter (7 kg)