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CCS-310–The ICMA award winner becomes even more flexible.

Blumer, the innovative manufacturer of the ICMA Award winning CCS-310 has announced a dramatic increase in production versatility. The CCS-310 has already gained worldwide acceptance from renowned card manufactures for producing the highest edge quality in demanding card materials such as polycarbonate (PC). With the introduction of a new male-female cutting tool, the Blumer CCS-310 combines two punching technologies to provide the highest level of quality and versatility in the market today.

The use of PC and other complex mixed materials is increasing dramatically as the requirements for identity and security cards, including passports, becomes more stringent. As manufacturers use the CCS-310 to establish the bench mark for edge quality and cutting accuracy, they also increase their lead over the competition. In this demanding market, there is no substitute for the Swiss engineering and quality that is the trademark of Blumer products.

The CCS-310 incorporates advanced technologies from various cutting applications. While a laser positioning system guarantees pinpoint placement of sheets, the smooth, quiet and vibration free cutting mechanism cuts rather than sheers cards for the optimum result. By cutting card stock simultaneously from both sides all types of materials can be cut with the same tool, the result is a significantly reduced inventory of cutting tools and costs are noticeably lowered.

The introduction of the male-female tooling gives the CCS-310 the versatility to cost effectively handle large runs of PVC materials. There is no doubt that the right tool for the job insures greater utilization of the equipment and the ability to meet the ever increasing demands of a market that is always changing.

The CCS-310 was engineered to allow safe and fast tool change over. Setup is aided by software specifically developed to recognize what type of tool is in use and final tool positioning is automatic. Also, the knife crowns have been enhanced, guaranteeing longer life. Crowns can be resharpened up to ten times.

The CCS-310 holds to what the Swiss machine producer Blumer AG already promises in their slogan: Versatility in Tooling... means no Limit in Materials.