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DFC Shrink Sleeves launch new website

DFC Shrink Sleeves have launched their new image through their new website, specialising in the manufacture of quality Gravure Shrink Sleeves. DFC Shrink Sleeves have been in operation for nearly ten years and have traded under the banner of DFC Packaging Group of Companies .

According to DFC Shrink Sleeves General Manager Ian Mackie, the time is now right for DFC Shrink Sleeves to become recognisable within the growing Shrink Sleeve market. Ian believes that the name change has made it easier for companies in the industry to understand what exactly DFC Shrink Sleeves do.

Ian Mackie stated that DFC Shrink Sleeves have always known that what they were doing was right, but in terms of marketing the company something was missing, changing the name and telling people exactly what DFC Shrink Sleeves does have now made it easier for their sales staff to get the message across.

With a new image DFC Shrink Sleeves are moving their Sydney office from Moorebank to Bella Vista. This reflects the growth within the shrink sleeve industry and moving to Bella Vista will not only give their staff a better operating facility, but also place DFC Shrink Sleeves closer to a number of key clients Ian Mackie stated.