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Ingeo™ Joins European Bioplastics Conference for the Third Edition

NatureWorks LLC confirms strong commercial status for Ingeo™ bioplastic and its international brand partners present at the 3rd annual European Bioplastics Conference hosted in Berlin, Germany on November 5th and 6th

ngeo™ biopolymer is set to take center stage at the European Bioplastic Conference in Berlin this year. Made by NatureWorks LLC, Ingeo™ is the first and leading commercially scaled biopolymer in production in the market today. Proof of that comes from recognizing there are more than 100 global Ingeo™ brand partners producing a full range of lifestyle innovations in over 20 different applications and selling today in 70,000 point of sales worldwide.

At this conference, this list grows to include new introductions in the beverage sector with Sant’ Anna, who is presenting their new Ingeo™ Biobottle for their renowned premium mineral water. Sant’Anna was founded in 1996, and is the market leader in Italy selling over 650 million bottles in 2007. It is the first commercial-scale bottled water producer marketing an Ingeo™ Biobottle in Europe. Its owner, Alberto Bertone, will give a presentation on November 5th titled: ‘The Eco-Sustainable Revolution Can Start from Mass Market Products’.

“I decided to experiment by bottling the mineral water with an innovative material derived totally from plants about one year ago” says Bertone “I imported Ingeo™ bioplastic directly from the USA to produce bottle preforms. And so with the policy of our Piedmont-based company focused very much on the environmental aspects of this project, we can calculate that if 50 million of our new bioplastic bottles (each weighing 27 grams) replace the same quantity of PET bottles, and we will save 13,600 barrels of crude oil, or the same amount of energy it takes to supply electricity to 40,000 people for an entire month”.

News at this conference is the announcement from MID and Telecom Italia that they are launching eco., an ‘Eco’ cordless telephone made from Ingeo™ bioplastic. This breakthrough product combines high-spec design, thanks to a close collaboration with the MID product design studio, plus environmental credentials thanks to NatureWorks LLC, and the very latest in instinctive electronic technologies, offering full circle creative innovation to the consumer at large.

On the second day of the conference, November 6th, Eamonn Tighe of NatureWorks LLC will give a presentation “Non Woven Growing Activities”, highlighting the key role and contribution Ingeo™ nonwovens make in the world of packaging, personal care and more.

Additional news to be disclosed: Sleever International, who makes wrap sleeve for pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetics, food and homecare brands, and is a pioneering world leader with the functional sleeve concept, is now marketing Ingeo™ biopolymer across a wide range of packaging and sleeve applications satisfying a supply chain demand for better, more responsible products for brand partners today.

“These innovations are proof points that Ingeo™ is at the heart of the bioplastics industry today with a business reality that is growing everyday. We are committed to ensuring the industry receives the very best product and brand service and to ensuring our message of responsible innovation through the Ingeo™ brand’s environmental, performance and contemporary lifestyle credentials is easily and clearly passed throughout the whole industry supply chain” says Mark Vergauwen, European Commercial Manager of NatureWorks LLC.

You will also be able to see the reality of Ingeo™ lifestyle products at the display within the conference that includes commercial examples from around the world such as food packaging solutions of every kind to serviceware, films wrap applications, plastic cards, and electrical appliance casings. Ingeo™ bioplastic has redefined an industry that used to rely on oil as its raw material. Also, a complete assortment of Ingeo™ applications in apparel, homeware and nonwovens for personal care and landscape textiles demonstrates that Ingeo™ has become an innovation lifestyle brand for industry and consumers alike in just a few years since its launch in 2003.

Highlighted products showcased at the conference include:

· Bottles from Sant’Anna (Italy) , Primo Water (USA), The Good Water Company (New Zealand) and Cool Change (Australia)

· Food packaging from Wal-Mart (USA), Leclerc (Canada), Carrefour (Belgium) and Marks & Spencer (UK)

· Foodservice from Ilip (Italy) and Coop (Italy)

· Bioplastic Casings from Sony (Japan) and Cargo Cosmetics (Canada)

· Personal Care Products from Naturaè (Italy) and Valor Brands (USA)

· Apparel from Girbaud (France), Gattinoni (Italy), and Ecomako (Japan)

· Homeware from Ennerev (Italy), Akti-Med (Germany), Zucchi (Italy) and Molina (Italy)

The variety and value shown here comes not only from the eco-credentials associated with Ingeo™, but also the fact that in Europe, commercial Ingeo™ partners can leverage a next day delivery service to increase their efficiencies, thanks to a new master license agreement signed with Resinex to warehouse and distribute this ingenious new material on-demand. This model has been rolled out globally to all regions with a series of licensing agreements signed to make sure partners can plan and produce Ingeo™ products in the sure knowledge that biopolymer supply is backed with a secure system in place.

Ingeo™ represents an ingenious new material that’s made from plants, not oil. Many of the environmental benefits that come with it include that it’s derived entirely from annually renewable plant resources. Ingeo™ innovations use 65% percent less fossil fuel resources than traditional polymers such as PET, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80-90%. Additionally, being a natural-based biopolymer, Ingeo™ offers the potential for more disposal and recovery options.

NatureWorks LLC, and Ingeo™: making the bioplastics industry work better for everyone to choose better. Better for the planet, so better for consumers and ultimately better for business too.