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Krones Checkmat for comprehensive label inspection

Perfect label positioning is crucial to the quality of product packaging. The label inspection unit provided by the Checkmat EM from Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, uses a total of four cameras to inspect the height, the rotational alignment and the precise position of the labels in relation to each other. The system reliably handles a huge diversity of labels. It should be emphasised that container orientation in terms of mutual alignment of the label and an embossed glass feature can be verified. Further details are possible after prior checking.

The Checkmat label inspection unit monitors the labels on the containers and can be relied upon to detect any irregularities. The CCD camera system provides users with a multiplicity of options for image processing: for instance, the labels are recognised by means of a wide-area pattern comparison, and inspected for position, alignment and quality; the error-tolerance is user-settable. The camera system’s image evaluation unit is linked to the basic Checkmat unit using TCP/IP.