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National Adhesives Teams with Henkel To Offer Expanded Solutions

Bridgewater, NJ — In a move that brings customers expanded solutions for printing applications, National Adhesives has joined with Henkel Corporation (
“This acquisition of National Adhesives by Henkel brings those in the graphic arts industry a comprehensive portfolio of systems solutions,” said Claus Koop, Market Segment Manager at Henkel. “Our customers continue to benefit from the strength of National’s established adhesive brands and gain the added advantage of even more products and new capabilities.”
National has led the way in graphic arts applications with innovative products, applications expertise and follow-up service. “Those strengths will continue to be mainstays under our new Henkel identity as our customers gain additional products and expertise that help grow their businesses,” said Koop

On Deck at GRAPH EXPO, Booth #3634:

100% recyclable drum

Henkel has developed the industry’s only totally recyclable drum, enabling binders to improve their environmental profile, increase productivity and enhance worker safety. The new FIBRECYCLE TM K.E.G. (Keep Earth Green) Packaging Solution contains Henkel’s Purmelt ® line of adhesives. Designed to replace steel drums, this advanced packaging solution allows binders to recycle 100% of their used drums, reduce the waste stream, receive up to 12% more product per drum, improve operations with easier handling, save energy costs because the fiber drum insulates heated adhesives, and generate positive cash flow with recycled cardboard.

MiracureTM UV-curable coatings

Advanced Miracure coatings deliver dynamic finishes for an enhanced appearance while protecting printing materials. Capable of being applied using flexo, rotary or conventional screen, Miracure coatings decorate and extend the life of any printed substrate. With Miracure coatings, “Mboss” effects can replace mechanical embossing, even in applications where conventional embossing is impossible. Also featured, Miracure L9091 V is a special UV-based technology that can be processed in classic flexo printing. It is distinguished by curing without the need of costly nitrogen inertization or equipment for processing.

PUR (polyurethane reactive) binding adhesives

These adhesives deliver lay-flat bindings for perfect binding, even with difficult stocks. After application of a Henkel PUR adhesive, a chemical reaction occurs during an elongated cure time, creating a stronger, more flexible bond than with traditional hot melt binding glues. PUR will bond to lacquer and UV-cured coatings, films such as Mylar, as well as cross-grained and recycled paper. Thanks to the polar nature of the polyurethane molecule, Henkel’s PUR adhesive also bonds well to clay-coated papers. Henkel’s newer PUR adhesives grab and hold even heavily coated papers. In fact, with Henkel PUR, page pulls are unaffected by difficult stock compared to traditional adhesives, which typically struggle to bond well to such substrates. In addition, Henkel’s PUR adhesives are virtually unaffected by ink migration.
PUR offers advantages compared to traditional hot melts: excellent flexibility and lay-flat qualities; ability to withstand extreme temperatures without glue failure; bondability to lacquer, UV-cured coated, Mylar and other films; binding quality unaffected by inky migration into the gutter; page pulls unaffected by difficult stock compared to traditional adhesives; adheres cover stock inserts securely; solves problems associated with recycled papers; and handles cross-grained stocks better.

Knowledge and service for all stages of label production and application

Henkel offers a total systems solution: advanced adhesives and coating technologies, product development, and technical service. Backed by extensive experience in many industries, as well as continuous cooperation with leading substrate, release liner and machine/applicator manufacturers, Henkel has its own high-performance coater for traditional and UV-curing hot melts to test new developments for customers.
For more information, visit Henkel at GRAPH EXPO, Booth #3634, or call 866-266-5565, or visit