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Danone Waters UK Pledges to Recycle As Much Plastic As it Uses | GreenerDesign

The company behind Volvic and Evian water has committed to buying recycled plastic in amounts equivalent to as many plastic water bottles it sells in the U.K.

Danone Waters U.K. says it will purchase 5,000 tonnes of recycled plastic in the first year of its commitment, eventually moving up to 12,000 tonnes in 2011.

By buying more recycled plastic instead of virgin PET, Danone estimates it will save £250,000 ($360,000) in its first year of the program and spend that money instead on other environmental initiatives.

Danone will purchase the plastic from waste hauler Greenstar, which will be collecting bottles through U.K. and ship them to the Artenius TurkPET factory in Dijon, France where they will be processed and mixed with virgin PET to make Evian and Volvic bottles. Danone says the Greenstar trucks would be making the trips anyway, and will now be moving plastic for recycling instead of nothing.

Evian and Volvic bottles currently contain 25 percent recycled content, and Danone wants to increase that to 50 percent or more in the coming years.

As part of the program, Greenstar will spend £500,000 ($720,000) over the next three year on Volvic-branded recycling activities.