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Germark (Spain) launches Polyliner

Polyliner is the latest innovation from Germark. Is a technology that lets you add a polyester liner TO any label at no additional cost to the customer.

The are many advantages compared to conventional paper liner. Among the most important are: Durable avoid breakage of the liner , and thus minimizing the stops on the packaging line ; hydrophobic material which avoids the known effect of curl by moisture conditions, reduced thickness, which allows for optimization of the entire logistics chain and higher productivity because a 20% increase in the number of tags in the same roll diameter (less storage space, less cost of transportation, less stopping machine ...). Innovation is a cornerstone in our company and Polyliner, in addition to complying with this premise, is noted for its many advantages and, above all, because it allows us to offer more value to our customers at no cost to them. We focus on their needs and problems and innovations in products and technology. The Polyliner, by their very nature, is key for those products with a high-speed requirements for labeling and covers the needs of the markets for consumer goods, cosmetics, beer ...