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Increasing demand for self adhesive labelling

GERNEP - manufacturer of labelling machines located in Southern Germany - which is already well established in the beverage as well as in the food and non-food market, will present at “Anuga FoodTec 2009” recent technologies of rotary labelling systems for the food industry.

GERNEP is well prepared for the increasing demand for self adhesive labelling. The labelling machine LABETTA SK is predestined to meet the requirements of all sectors of labelling industry. Appropriate servo drives located on the dispenser transfers the labels precise and above all smooth onto the container, even in container recess or increased label fields. It enables processing of innovative and exclusive label designs as well as no-label-look and water resistant plastic labels. Compared to wet glue labelling systems changeover times are obviously shorter, similar to the cleaning and maintenance work.

For wet glue labelling GERNEP provides the labelling machine LABETTA. An important advantage of the wet glue aggregate is the innovative overlay gear which allows precise label adjustment. The glue segments are individually adjustable which guarantees a precise and consistent glue application.

For wrap around labelling of PET bottles two different machine types will be presented. It’s the ROLLINA labelling machine for pre cut paper or plastic labels labelled from label magazine, and the popular ROLLFED labelling machine for labelling of OPP or paper labels from label roll. The glue application of both labelling machines results from a closed hot melt unit.

The hot glue of the GERNEP ROLLINA is economically applied at the container through nozzles. The end gluing occurs through a continuous adjustable end-gluing ledge at the end of the label magazine.

Technical at the highest level is the solution of the glue application for the ROLLFED system. Hot melt is applied contact-free and selective at the beginning and at the end of the label via nozzles. The convenient control of the bottle rotation offers quick changeover to other container formats. Because of the closed gluing system the entry of any foreign matter is effectively prevented, so cleaning and maintenance effort can be seriously minimised. Furthermore on both machine types the gluing works without any return flow of glue, which prevents the glue from changing colour or getting burned.