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New Antimicrobial labels and bottles inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria

Royston Labels most recent innovation – antimicrobial labels – have been developed to help combat the growth and spread of bacteria, fungi & mound.

The new labels, which are available in both clear and white, include active antimicrobial technology in the form of ionic silver in the face material. Ionic silver is a natural compound which is 99% effective in limiting the growth of bacteria including MRSA, E-coli, Salmonella and Listeria. When bacteria land on the surface of the label the active agent disrupts their metabolism, prevents their ability to reproduce and will ultimately result in their death.

Silver is widely used in other industries for its antimicrobial properties, is completely harmless to humans and animals and is safe to use in all types of environments. Tests show that the effectiveness of the antimicrobial properties do not diminish with time and lasts for the life of the label.

As well as developing antimicrobial labels Royston Labels have worked closely with M&H Plastics to develop of antimicrobial bottles. Again using ionic silver as the antimicrobial agent the bottles are food-safe and there is no impact on the product contents. It can be used in the manufacture of bottles and jars and is available in SAN, PP, PET and HDPE.

Antimicrobial labels and bottles have applications across a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, cosmetics and toiletries, and institutions such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes and nurseries, as well as in the home, providing peace of mind for those seeking optimal hygiene conditions and protection from the spread of bacteria.

Paul Clayton, Managing Director of Royston Labels states “Following well publicised health scares resulting from the spread of deadly bacteria there is now a much greater awareness of the importance of good hygiene. The development of products which are effective in preventing the growth and spread of these high risk bacteria can only help improve hygiene, particularly in those areas which are more at risk from the spread of infection such as in hospitals”.

Simon Chidgey, Sales & Marketing Director of M&H Plastics said:

‘M&H is delighted to have worked in partnership with Royston Labels to bring this new product to market providing a clinically-proven point of difference. The product is ideal for a wide range of cosmetic, toiletries and personal care products – in fact any market sector where a bacteria-free environment is important.’



  1. is developing an anti microbial pressure sensitive paper and film label line in 2012-2013


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