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New synthetic films for In Mold Labelling

KWH Plast released a new film called Cast-IML last year. Cast-IML is a solid PP-film with a smooth surface especially intended for the injection molded PP-products. The film is available in two versions – white Cast-IML-W and transparent Cast-IML-T. The scratch resistance is excellent and the material itself withstands water and humidity as well as mechanical abuse. Cast-IML has a smooth surface with a good printability and a good on press behaviour. The printed film also has a stable performance during the In Mold process. These are properties that are crucial for the success of a label film used for in mold labelling.

In mold decoration means decoration of molded plastic parts during the molding process. Besides the capital investments in the molding equipment there are no extra costs for attachment of the label. There is no need for any additional labelling equipment or staff and it’s easy to change labels without interrupting the production. All surfaces of a container can be labelled in one single operation giving the molded product a higher stiffness and increasing the lifetime of both the container and the label.

IML labels can be recommended for high quality products where a long life cycle and resistance to extreme conditions are required. This can also be considered an environmental advantage since products with a long life cycle automatically contribute to source reduction and less waste. It is also a good idea to use IML labels when you want a superior print on your product in order to make it display well amongst competing products.

Cast IML is especially developed for the decoration of buckets, large containers, pallets, lids and to some extent also plastic furniture. The label material must be compatible with the end product which will facilitate the recycling of the end products due to the fact that the label can be recycled together with the container.

Cast-IML is printable without top-coating and has a surface treatment for printability. We highly recommend printing in UV-offset and UV Flexo in order to achieve the best possible print quality. Good print results can also be achieved with conventional printing processes like flexo, offset and letterpress.

Flatness and a certain stiffness is a must in order to ensure good die-cutting properties. The stiffness of Cast-IML gives excellent printing and die cutting properties, yet Cast-IML is flexible and conformable enough to be used for special shaped, round and tapered products. The film has a very good thermal dimensional stability and special attention has been paid to the antistatic properties of the film, to make the molding process as hassle-free as possible.

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