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Conference on EU and world-wide rules for classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals

Getting ready for CLP-Regulation based on the GHS

The European Parliament and the Council of Ministers adopted the new Regulation on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures ("CLP") which aligns existing EU legislation to the United Nations Globally Harmonised System (GHS) on December 2008.
This new Regulation contributes to the GHS aim that the same hazards will be described and labelled in the same way all around the world.

Using internationally agreed classification criteria and labelling elements, will facilitate trade and contribute towards global efforts to protect humans and the environment from hazardous effects of chemicals. The new act will complement the REACH Regulation on the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals.

The Conference

The conference aims to inform authorities, industry and other stakeholders about the new provisions for classification, labelling and packaging in the EU, placing them in the global context of GHS. It will explain the main features of the new legislation, focusing on practical aspects. It will provide up-to-date information on the CLP guidance documents and tools.

Target audience

This conference is aimed at people with a key role in the implementation of the CLP Regulation, especially in raising awareness and informing or assisting stakeholders regarding CLP; for example, public authorities, industry associations, consumer organisations, trade unions or public bodies.

Other actors who have an interest in the implementation of CLP (Third country representatives, NGOs, etc.) are also invited to attend.


Participation may have to be restricted due to the limited number of available places (about 400). Should this be the case, the following rules will be applied:

* In case of multiple registrations for the same authority, company, association or institution, only one participant may be admitted.
* Associations or organisations that represent a broader audience may be given preference over individual companies.
* A balance may be sought by giving preference to representatives of organisations or from countries which are otherwise under-represented.


You will benefit most from the conference if you already have some basic knowledge about CLP or the "old" legislation on classification, packaging and labelling. General information about CLP and GHS is available on the website of the European Commission websites (DG Enterprise and DG Environment).