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It must be a Brückner: Highest performance at 505 m/min

Dubai based Taghleef Industries (Ti), one of the leading film manufacturers worldwide, and Brückner have set yet another remarkable milestone within the BOPP film industry: In Sohar, Oman, Ti`s latest high-performance 8.7 m wide BOPP line is running at a constant speed of 505 m/min with a film thickness of 20 µm.

n times when other film producers are reluctant to invest in innovative production facilities, Ti is clearly demonstrating their strong commitment to continuous technological progress, producing finest film quality on state-of-the-art equipment. The Oman line is one of the most powerful of its kind with an approximate output of five tons per hour.

The tremendous success of the ambitious project again proves Brückner`s sovereign expertise, not only in terms of film stretching technology but also regarding turnkey experience. Brückner supplied the entire package for the new BOPP production facility: plant layout, utilities, resin storage facilities, peripheral equipment, finished material handling and film recycling systems. The solution of complete engineering along with Ti`s excellent support throughout all project phases have attributed to this success story.

Dr. Detlef Schuhmann, CEO of Taghleef Industries, said: “Our 7th joint project with Brückner has been characterized by an extremely positive cooperation. A smooth commissioning was followed by a stable production at all times and now has been highlighted by breaking through the 500 m/min barrier within short time. With the new line we have taken a decisive step forward to further strengthen our market position.”