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Plastic Suppliers announced today their latest innovation targeted at sustainability while dispelling the myth that Polylactic Acid (PLA)cannot be recycled.

In conjunction with brand owner ConAgra Foods, recycled PLA (R*PLA) is now
commercially available for tamper evident band applications under the brand name
EarthFirst R*PLA. This plant based material, utilizing NatureWorks Ingeo™ polymer,
already had the best environmental footprint of all products available to the shrink label film industry before this technology breakthrough.
Some of EarthFirst R*PLA’s key benefits are:
· Made from plants, an annually renewable resource.
· Made from more than 50% post industrial content means more than half the
material that would traditionally be sent to landfill is now being diverted into value
added end product.
· It produces less greenhouse gases based on NatureWorks’ Ingeo eco profile
· The initial launch of this product will reduce carbon dioxide equivalents of
approximately 592,000 pounds by replacing petrochemical based polyvinyl
chloride (PVC) and Glycol Modified Polyethylene Terephthalate (PETG).
· ConAgra’s manufacturing facilities proved a reduction in energy consumption by
reducing shrink temperatures by 20%.
· EarthFirst R*PLA also provides improved product appearance due to improved
shrink performance.
Plastic Suppliers, Inc. EarthFirst brand films – Conducting business since 1949,
Plastic Suppliers has established itself as a leading manufacturer of biaxially oriented
plastic film and sheet. Plastic Suppliers, Inc. also manufactures a biopolymer film under
the brand name EarthFirst, a 100% compostable film.
Whether your film needs are for shrink sleeve label, tamper evident band, label,
packaging, windowing, printing, or other demanding applications, Plastic Suppliers
provides the correct film to enhance your product. We offer outstanding customer
service and are committed to excellence in the extrusion, conversion, and distribution of
plastic film and sheet.
Please call for additional information on this and other environmentally friendly
alternatives offered by Plastic Suppliers.
Plastic Suppliers, Inc. EarthFirst brand films Contact Information:
Rich Eichfeld, Vice President of Business Development
NatureWorks LLC. Contact Information:
Brian Glasbrenner, Americas Business Director - Ingeo™ based Beverages, Films and