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New Design 'Shakes' Up Table Salt Container

AkzoNobel Salt Hengelo and RPC Kerkrade have redesigned AkzoNobel’s best-selling JOZO table salt shaker for improved brand presence and performance.

The existing design has been in use for almost thirty years. AkzoNobel wanted to refresh the JOZO brand with a modern design. RPC Kerkrade – manufacturer of the original pack – was briefed to assist in the creation of a quality upgrade without an excessive rise in cost per unit.

RPC has played an active role in the project from the early stages of development, ensuring that the ideas of the design office led to a producible container. Amongst the requirements was that the existing caps be retained and integrated into the new design, requiring tight specification of the neck area.

In contrast to the straight-sided design of the original container, the new shaker features stylish curved walls that stand out on shelf, enhanced by colourful shrink sleeves. The shape also provides significant practical advantages, as it increases pack rigidity for better handling, shaking and dosing.