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The Krones Variopac is a best-seller:1000 machines in 10 years

In September 2009, Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, will be delivering its thousandth Variopac packer. Flexible, product-specific, customised packing, grouping containers in a wide choice of sales packs, responsively geared to the market’s requirements and wherever possible with just one single machine: these stipulations from many bottlers and canners governed the design concept for the first fully automatic, continuously operating Variopac packer from Krones. And that still applies today.

It was in June 1999, ten years ago, that the Variopac embarked upon its triumphal progress, when the first machine was commissioned at the mineral water bottlers VMH Rosbach. In just eighteen months, by February 2001, 100 of these machines had been supplied to clients in the beverage, food and non-food industries all over the world, for packing cans, glass or plastic containers.

Following purposeful design enhancement, the Variopac shrink-wrapper for non-returnables was soon available for the high speed range of up to 100 cycles a minute. Empirical feedback from continuous operation with an uninterrupted material flow led in 2007 to renewed optimisation of selected components. Reflected in a new name: as the Variopac Pro, it has since then been meeting the global market’s multifaceted requirements in the following versions: TFS (tray-film-shrink), PFS (pad-film-shrink), FS (film-shrink) and T (tray). And the triumphal progress of the Variopac family shows no signs of flagging.