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Axon Delivers Faster Tamper Evident Banding for Straight-Wall Containers

Axon, a division of Pro Mach, now offers a tamper evident banding solution for round, oval, and scround (combination of square and round) straight-wall packaging that delivers more than 200 units-per-minute throughput and faster and easier changeover between different size and shape packages.

"Straight-walled containers typically require a complex package handling solution between the band applicator and tacking station, and these solutions tend to limit throughput rates," said George Albrecht, Axon vice president of sales. "Axon has developed a next generation handling system that eliminates the speed barrier. Not only are speed and changeover improved, but the new package handling system, called Sidewinder, also integrates more easily with upstream and downstream equipment than these systems have in the past."

The Sidewinder handling solution is available with Axon EZ-200 and EZ-300 tamper band applicators. Sidewinder handles straight-walled packaging from small single-serve rounds to half-gallon scrounds - 11/16 to 7 3/8 inches (18 to 188 mm) in width. The maximum band lay flat for this solution is 12 inches (300 mm).

The system is engineered to support the tamper evident bands at key spots around the container, and this aids in more consistent and uniform placement after shrinking. Color coded Sidewinder parts and tool-less design simplify and speedup changeover. The Sidewinder package handling solution is compatible with the most common widths of conveyors. This helps to ensure minimized time and cost when integrating an Axon tamper band applicator into a new or existing packaging line.

Co-packers and brand owners that are looking for the latest in tamper evident banding solutions for straight-walled round, oval, and scround containers should call Axon at 1-800-598-8601 or visit A video showing the Sidewinder in action is available upon request. Axon has filed a patent application for the Sidewinder package handling solution.

About Axon Styrotech

Axon is a leading designer and manufacturer of heat shrinkable sleeve labeling systems, as well as other integrated packaging products and solutions for both Fortune 500 companies and smaller, privately-held businesses that specialize in the production of food, beverage, health & beauty aids, household goods and pharmaceuticals. Axon technical support includes guidance from initial product concept to product launch. The support continues through the life cycle of the product and beyond. The company is based in Raleigh, NC, and has thousands of installations worldwide. Axon is a division of Pro Mach, a Cincinnati, Ohio based provider of integrated packaging products and solutions for food, beverage, household goods, pharmaceutical, and other diverse consumer and industrial companies. Through three business units and related divisions, Pro Mach provides equipment, training, installation, and parts in primary packaging, end-of-line packaging, and identification and tracking.

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