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The COUPON FLAG is the latest product in Bopack’s range of promotional labels. This partially adhesive, single-layer label offers the largest effective communication area within a limited space. Thanks to standardization the COUPON FLAG is rapidly available.

The COUPON FLAG is comprised of one single opaque or transparent film layer. The label can be printed on both sides to offer yet more marketing real estate. As a result, the overall image of the original packaging is much less disturbed. The available possibilities include mat or glossy print in ten colours, by flexography or typography.

Only a small part of the label is adhesive. Automatic application of the labels is possible.(To be evaluated case by case)

“This attractive label gives greater visibility to promotional campaigns. It’s a highly accessible communications device. The COUPON FLAG is the perfect solution for sectors involving sales promotions: an innovation that’s economical, sturdy and rapidly-available,” explains Yves Masselin, Sales & Special Products Manager at Bopack.

On top of that, the label is environmentally friendly: its single layer ensures less waste.

The revolutionary COUPON FLAG can be used for promotional applications such as immediate discounts at the cash register, product launches, introductory offers, … cobranding, comarketing.

About Bopack
Bopack is a major European player in the product identification market, self-adhesive labels and shrink sleeves out of different materials.
The company has six printworks, equipped with 76 printing machines, distributed among operating units in Belgium (Wommelgem), the Netherlands (Zeist) and France (Rouen, Lorient, Bazouges, Strasbourg) and numbers ca. 600 employees. Since April 2009, Bopack is part of the Group Autajon.
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About the Autajon Group
The Autajon Group is based in Montélimar in France and is a renowned specialist in folding boxes, cartons, labels, presentation boxes and POS materials. The group is active in nearly all branches of the packaging industry: perfumes and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, wines and liquors, food, sweets, chocolate, coffee and tea, …
The Autajon Group is represented in Belgium by its subsidiaries Bopack (labels) and Autajon Packaging Belgium (folding boxes and POS, former Meulemans printer). It has nearly 3000 employees spread out over 22 production units in Europe and the US. The group’s total turnover in 2009 will be around 400 million Euros.