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‘FUN’ Mayonnaise Underlines RPC Kerkrade's Expertise

Belgian mayonnaise brand Devos Lemmens has launched a ‘fun’ range of flavoured mayonnaises in a 300ml squeezable multi-layer headstand bottle manufactured by RPC Kerkrade. The new product follows the successful introduction of a 450ml bottle across the standard Devos Lemmens range.

Devos Lemmens, owned by Campbell Foods, is the leading mayonnaise brand in Belgium. Traditionally retailing in a glass bottle, the company introduced the squeezable headstand format in Spring 2007 in order to enhance consumer convenience. With sales 50% higher than expected, Campbell Foods was delighted with its success and looked to diversify the popular design.

The new range of flavoured mayonnaises – Special, Brasil and Pita – offers a “fun” alternative targeted at the summer market, and the smaller bottle size is essential to this branding. “During the summer, consumers want to enjoy great tasting food outdoors,” explains Robert De Bont of Campbell Foods Belgium NV. “The compact 300ml variation enables Devos Lemmens to deliver the squeezable, lightweight benefits of the larger bottle in a size that can easily be passed around the barbecue table.”

Like the larger bottle, the 300ml size is based on a design concept by Antwerp-based agency GBO Design Engineering, which accentuates that the pack should be stored on its head. RPC Kerkrade blow moulds the bottle in PP/EVOH/PP to provide an appropriate oxygen barrier for extended shelf life, whilst a natural colour allows consumers to see the product contents clearly.

“RPC Kerkrade’s expertise in multi-layer packaging has again ensured a packaging solution that is both highly practical and aesthetically pleasing,” confirms Devos Lemmens product manager Emmanuel Maroy. “We are sure that the new ‘fun’ bottle will be just as popular with consumers as Devos Lemmens’ core range.”

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