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Label-Aire® Inline Series 6200 Front/Back Labeling System

Label-Aire Launches Front/Back Labeling System With Airfill Capability

The new Label-Aire® Inline Series 6200 Vacuum Wrap Front/Back labeling system is designed to accurately apply front- and back labels to thin-walled containers with its airfill capability.

Label-Aire's latest labeling system fills the need for beverage bottlers in need of a labeling system to accurately and quickly apply decorative front and back labels to beverage containers. When labeling empty containers, this system offers airfill capability to assist in labeling thin-walled containers. In addition to higher labeling speeds, tight label placement tolerance, and the need to label empty containers, this labeling system also has the capability of rejecting bottles that does not meet a customers criteria prior to the containers reaching the filler.