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Pressco at Drintek

Pressco will be demonstrating its unique ability to provide inspection at all critical points of the metal can and plastic container production processes.

Plastic: From preforms and closures to filled and labeled product, Pressco has seamless solutions for improving efficiency.

Metal: From converted ends to necked, decorated, and filled cans, a combination of vision and sensor products are ready to meet your process improvement objectives.

Thanks to its modular design, Pressco’s systems can be used to focus on individual areas of the manufacturing process or can provide a comprehensive system for vertically integrated producers.

Come visit our booth to experience a demonstration from one of Pressco’s Vision Specialists!

General Pressco Information:

Pressco is a world class company supplying turn-key high speed vision inspection systems to several global industries. Their markets include the food and beverage industry, aluminum extrusion manufacturing, and the postal sorting sector. By continuing to invest in new technologies, Pressco has positioned itself for an exciting future providing vision inspection equipment as well as intelligent process control products.

Pressco has shipped over 5,000 turnkey systems to more than 60 countries around the globe, with typically 60% of its production being exported. Pressco is considered an expert at supplying and servicing its customers to meet the exacting standards of continuous high speed production lines.

As a family business since 1966, Pressco takes pride in following Biblical principles and ethics. Pressco's associates are their most valuable asset and they are provided with excellent benefits and a professional working environment.